Our alumni

Kelvin Charles 

Kevin Charles gained his BSc (Hons) Computer Networks & Systems Support from Bradford College in 2016. Having Cisco certification training in the course, alongside the degree, put Kelvin in contact with industry professionals and opened up possibilities and sectors with the IT industry. Initially contracted for a few months after his graduation, Kelvin secured a full-time job as Associate Network Consulting Engineer at Cisco, a multinational technology company.

Kelvin Charles, Bradford College alumnus

My course at Bradford College has equipped me with real-world skills required for many computer network positions in today’s world. I can now can apply for jobs all around the world and I can also use the technical skills acquired to attain more professional certifications.

I had the chance to work on physical equipment in controlled labs, allowing me to make mistakes and improve my technical skills. The course allowed me to choose my own learning path and the lectures provided support where needed. I made some good friends and formed a close relationship with my previous lecturers.

Jon Kyle McCoy 

Choosing Bradford College for its good reputation and later becoming inspired by the skills and ideas gained during his course, Jon completed his BTEC National Diploma in Graphic Design in 2006. After his Graduation, Jon secured a job as a concept artist at Crytek, an international video game company. Having been privileged to work with some of the highest regarded people in the film industry, he is now a Freelance Concept Artist working on a major Hollywood films including Stars Wars, The Avengers and Blade Runner 2049.

Jon Kyle McCoy, alumnus of Bradford College

I enjoyed a lot of things in my time at Bradford College. But I think the things I enjoyed most was the atmosphere, and the work itself. The atmosphere was great fun, and all the students were treated and spoken to as people, not as children or school-kids. The other thing I enjoyed the most, was the work itself. Every module and assignment, be it research, life-drawing, learning how to generate and find ideas, along with actually learning new tools (analog and digital), was incredibly compelling and interesting. And really allowed you to truly push your creative faculties.

Yan Wang Preston 

Yan, an award-winning photographer, studied for her MA in Photography at Bradford College between 2005 and 2008. Yan won the 1st Prize in the Syngenta Photography Awards in London (2017), the Shiseido Photographer’s Prize in Beijing (2016) and the Reviewers’ Choice Award at Format Photography Festival, Derby (2014). Yan’s work has been shown at both solo and group exhibitions at international venues in UK, China, Ireland and Italy. After completing her PhD in exploring the myths and stories of the Yangtze River as China’s ‘Mother River’, Yan’s current project ‘Forest’ will be completed and published as a photographic book in 2018.

Yan Wang Preston, alumnus of Bradford College

In my course there was a strong emphasis on professional development. Basically you need to go out and work as a photographer and that was my purpose anyway. I did not want to come and only study. I was planning to live in UK and wanted to start a career and the course I did at the College pushed me to that direction. So, a year into my studies at the College, I was already doing commissions for the National Portrait Gallery in London, and for Co-operative Financial Services in Manchester.

Francesca Yeadon 

Francesca completed her BA (Hons) in Counselling and Psychology in Community settings with a 2:1 in 2015. She is currently working at the University of Leeds as a Simulated Patient Coordinator and also working part-time as project coordinator for the Active Citizen Bradford campaign challenging the city to stand up against hate crime and domestic violence.

Francesca Yeadon, alumnus of Bradford College

The course itself was very varied and offered insights into different areas of psychology and counselling which you wouldn’t get from studying just one area of a profession. The majority of the tutors were great, challenged you to challenge yourself and were open to questioning and exploration from the students.

Academically, Bradford College has given me that advantage of having a high level of education to bring to a wide variety of roles and promotes the level of work I can offer. It has also taught me a different way of working with others in a non-judgemental, empathic way. This is something I draw into my everyday life as well as work.

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