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Bradford College


College Corporation

Bradford College is fully responsible for its own management, administration and governance.

This has been the case since Colleges were first incorporated by the Government in 1993, through the Further and Higher Education Act.

The Executive Leadership team report to a governing body called a Corporation. 

Our Corporation is made up of representatives from local business and local communities. It also includes some staff and student members.

The Corporation members have a role similar to that of a Governor or a member of a Board of Directors.

Broadly speaking, they are responsible for:

  • the strategic direction of the College, defining the core values, strategic aims, and key outcomes for students
  • approving, reviewing and monitoring the educational character and mission of the College, its services and academic activities
  • formulating and monitoring the medium and long term strategy of the College
  • assuring the overall ethos of the College and how it conducts its business
  • ensuring the College’s financial solvency

This is achieved through a committee structure which encompasses all aspects of College life and experience.

In line with charity legislation our Corporation members are unpaid.

Contact the Corporation

To contact any of the members or to find out more about becoming a member, please email: [email protected].

Interested in being a Bradford College governor?

The Corporation is currently seeking to engage 2 additional Governors with experience in the following areas to strengthen the membership and also support succession planning:

  • A local employer with a willingness to be a member of our Quality & Standards Committee.
  • A local employer with a willingness to be a member of our Audit Committee

If you are interested in this voluntary role, please contact the Clerk to the Corporation at [email protected] for an informal chat. 

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Bradford College Ofsted Report 2021

(Adobe PDF, 482 KB)
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Governors Code of Conduct

(Adobe PDF, 286 KB)
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Governors Standing Orders

(Adobe PDF, 305 KB)
Document thumbnail

Instrument and Articles of Government

(Adobe PDF, 380 KB)
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Arrangements for obtaining the views of students and staff

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Procedure for Appointment of Governors

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