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A Level and GCSE exam results

As the summer term progresses, we are getting more information about this year’s results days.An exam series will go ahead in the autumn term to let students sit an exam, should you be disappointed with any grade achieved this summer – more details will be confirmed as soon as possible.   

All existing Bradford College students awaiting exam results have been emailed the information below. Please check your inbox/spam filters/folders for details: 

A Level and GCSE results will still go ahead on the original release dates:  

  • 13 August for A Levels  
  • 20 August for GCSEs   

How it will work this year

Results Days will look different from previous years due to Covid-19 and the requirements for the College to adhere to safety measures and social distancing guidelines set by the Government.   

This year, students will not be allowed to access the College to collect results.

ALL GCSE and A Level results will be made available through our Student Portal. Certificates will not be made available until the autumn term and more details will be supplied at a later date.   

It is important that we hold a valid and up-to-date email address to ensure you can access your results.  

Please update your details via the Student Portal if necessary before results day.  

When will results be made available?  

Date  Thursday 13 August 2020

When/Where  From 8am onwards via our Student Portal  

If you are receiving your A Level results and have not yet applied for University, or secured a place, there is still time to progress to Higher Education and start a degree this September at Bradford College.  

Please search 

Alternatively, please contact our Admissions team on 01274 088018 to book a slot to chat to our HE/Degree specialist about our degrees and Clearing options. You can also call our Clearing Hotline on 01274 088099 to find out about our full range of Higher Education programmes – including undergraduate degrees, HNC/D’s and Level 4+ courses.  

DateThursday 20 August 2020

When/WhereFrom 8am onwards via our Student Portal 

If you are receiving GCSE results and are considering further studies, why not visit our website for course information, details about how to apply and enrol, or to receive careers advice. Applications are available 24/7 via the website andwe still have a huge range of courses available that start this September. Visit Careers Advisors will be available to help you with your next step in education, training or employment. Before & after results days, you can reach the team via   

To access the portal, you can visit the College website and use the student resource link or go online and visit: You will need to create an account if you do not have one and login. Click the ‘Registration’ tab and select ‘My Results’.  

Please email: (Remember certificates will NOT be available until the autumn term – more details will be supplied ASAP). 

If you have any queries about your:  

A level grades queries please email:  

16-18 GCSE grades queries please email

19 + Adult GCSE English and Maths grade queries please email /

19+ Adult GCSE Science grade queries please email

We understand that this has been a difficult and anxious time for you as a result of the disruption caused by the Coronavirus pandemic.

As the Summer exams were unable to go ahead, Bradford College has submitted provisional (centre assessment) grade(s) and rank order(s) to the relevant awarding body in accordance with the Ofqual guidance on Awarding qualifications in summer 2020 and in line with the awarding body instructions.

For the reason of fairness, awarding bodies are putting these grades through a standardisation process to ensure grading standards are consistent across all centres.

Key points to note about the Summer 2020 awarding process include:

• Teachers know their students well and centres are able to assess grades with a high degree of accuracy.

• The grades centres submitted to the exam boards were agreed by the centre following an internal quality assurance process and are not the sole responsibility of any individual teacher. 

• The standardisation model developed by Ofqual and the awarding organisations is statistical and may not reflect the grades submitted by the centres.

• The standardisation process applied by the exam boards ensures grades awarded this year are consistent with those awarded to other cohorts in other years.

• This was the fairest possible approach available under extreme circumstances. It is a rigorous process which means that grades awarded this year are as valid as in any other year. 

• This will allow pupils to progress to the next stage of their lives in the normal way.

See the ‘Grading in 2020 – information for students’ for more information:

 Grading in 2020 – information for students

The grades that we submitted were our best assessment of what you would have achieved if you had taken exams. However, the exam boards then applied a ‘standardisation model’ so that the distribution of grades awarded this year is consistent with those awarded in other years at a national level, and this process inevitably results in some centre-assessed grades being adjusted both upwards and downwards.

This process is aimed at ensuring fairness and consistency between students in different years and in different schools and colleges so that, for example, it does not result in more students nationally being awarded higher grades this year when compared to cohorts in previous years. It is done to ensure that this year’s grades are as valid as in any other year.

Email our Student Records and MIS team via:  

As a student you have the right to know the grade awarded to you by the College should you wish.  In the first instance you should speak with your curriculum/subject department or email the contacts below:  

A Level grades, please email:    

16-18 A Level grades queries please email    

GCSE grades queries please email 

19 + Adult GCSE English and Maths grade queries please email /  

 19+ Adult GCSE Science grade queries please email  

Please note – centre assessment grades cannot be shared before results day(s). This is to protect the integrity of the process. Any inappropriate disclosure will be investigated by exam boards as potential malpractice. 

The normal Enquiries about Results (EAR) service will be unavailable this year due to the College providing centre assessed grades. Instead, there will be a simple appeals process, and this will be limited to submitting an appeal to the awarding body on behalf of a candidate (student) where it is believed that: 

the centre itself made an error when submitting centre assessment grade or rank order information to the awarding body and has supporting evidence that confirms an error was made (and will submit its supporting evidence at the earliest stage and explain why data which the Head of Centre declared to be accurate is now considered incorrect) 

the awarding body made a mistake in the operation of the standardisation model where the wrong data was used to calculate results  

the awarding body made an administrative error in the issuing of results 

Ofqual will release further information closer to results day regarding appeals and we will update this page accordingly. Please check back regularly for updates. 

To enquire about making an appeal you should first speak with your curriculum/subject department and/or Quality team to check that the above criteria is met. Where the curriculum team/quality lead confirms the criteria is met, they will refer you to the appeals process and will work with our Student Records & MIS team to submit your appeal to the examination board. Further updates will be uploaded here on a regular basis – please check back for updates. 

As you’ll be aware there is going to be an Autumn exam series, with A Levels taking place in October and GCSEs in November. More details are emerging daily, and we will update this information regularly – please check this page for updates. 


Derek Richardson, Pearson’s Responsible Officer, has recorded a short video for students, explaining how grades will be standardised this summer using the Ofqual model. 

Important information for students/parents from Pearson | Edexcel  

Support for students during summer 2020 

Please note:
It is your responsibility to update changes to your name or address via the Student Portal – the College will not be liable for the loss of any documents/results, or certificates sent via the portal, email or the post.   

Last updated: 05 August 2020

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