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A Level, BTEC and GCSE exam results

QAA information for students who wish to resit their predicted grades

On 9 September 2020 QAA released information for those students who wish to resit their predicted grades. (Note that any actual grades will stand.)

If any students wish to resit the assignments they got predicted grades for, please email Marcia Dewar on with the subject title ‘Access to HE resit’. In the email, please supply the following:

  • Learner Name
  • Student Number
  • Course taken
  • Units you are wishing to resit

The deadline is Friday 25 September 2020 by 5 pm 

These assessments will take place between 5 October and 23 November 2020.


  • There will be no charge 
  • There will be no teaching 
  • There will be no draft opportunity
  • There is ONE attempt
  • The actual grade will stand and will take precedence over the predicted grade – the grade could remain the same, rise or fall – this is a risk that you must consider before resitting the assignment.

Update from Pearson regarding BTEC results

Pearson have issued an update following their delay in issuing BTEC results.  This update affects the follow BTECs

BTEC Level 3 Nationals (2010 QCF and 2016 RQF)

BTEC Level 1/2 Tech Awards

BTEC Level 2 Technicals

BTEC Level 1/2 Firsts.

Pearsons have now confirmed that all eligible results will be available by 28 August .

 BTEC results update – 26 August 2020

The College has now received all re-issued BTEC results, and will be issuing results to students on Friday 28 August.

How do I access my results?

You will be emailed with your results. These emails will go to the personal account that we hold on your learner record. BTEC results will be emailed to your personal email address.

The email will be titled Results 2019/20 and will be from a no-reply email address. Please check your spam/ junk folders if you cannot the email in your inbox.

If you have not received an email by 3.00pm on Friday 28 August, then email: 

What happens if I have questions about my results?

In the first instance you should talk to your tutor about your results. They are best placed to guide you and discuss any queries you may have.

Can I appeal my result?

The grounds for appeals are extremely limited and no learner can challenge the Centre Assessment Grade on academic grounds. The only grounds for appeal are those of genuine clerical error in mark submission, or you believe you have been the victim of discriminatory bias. If you think you have grounds for appeal, please do discuss this with your tutor first.

All formal requests to appeal should be emailed to by your tutor in the first instance.

We will then get in touch with you, guide you through the process and consider any completed appeal received. You should not appeal directly to the Awarding Organisation.

If you have further queries on the appeals process email:

Can I resit my course?

There are specific conditions in place which govern eligibility to resit any unit of your programme. Your tutor will be able to confirm whether you meet the conditions and are eligible to undertake a resit. If conditions are met, the Lead Verifier will be responsible for authorising resits. We will publish further information as it becomes available.

When will results be made available?

Following A Level Results Day last week (13 August), you will have received our previous email regarding your results and the Government/Ofqual’s U-turn on Centre Assessed Grades.

Bradford College has now received the final grades from the Awarding Bodies and we have uploaded all final grades to the Student Portal for you to access and review.

Please access the student portal (using your student ID and password) to view and download both your final grade and the Centre Assessed Grade (CAG).

Should you experience any difficulties, or if you need help, please visit our results webpage here:

Any queries regarding Centre Assessed Grades can be emailed to:

If you are receiving your A Level results and have not yet applied for University, or secured a place, there is still time to progress to Higher Education and start a degree this September at Bradford College.  

Please search 

Alternatively, please contact our Admissions team on 01274 088018 to book a slot to chat to our HE/Degree specialist about our degrees and Clearing options. You can also call our Clearing Hotline on 01274 088099 to find out about our full range of Higher Education programmes – including undergraduate degrees, HNC/D’s and Level 4+ courses.  

On Monday 17 August, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson and exams regulator, Ofqual, announced that all A-levels and GCSEs in England will now be awarded the Centre Assessed Grades (CAG) that colleges submitted to exam boards.

What does this mean for A Level results?

The grades students received on A Level Results Day (13 August) were moderated by exam boards using a process that was criticised over its fairness. In a number of cases, the Centre Assessed Grades are higher than the moderated grades, and can now be awarded to students. However, if the moderated grade was higher, the student can keep the higher grade.

Confirming grades

We are awaiting guidance from Ofqual and the awarding bodies on when students will receive formal confirmation of their final grade. We will update students once we have received this information.


Currently, we believe the criteria for appealing a grade (CAG or moderated) remains unchanged. Please note that you are unable to appeal a Centre Assessed Grade unless you believe an administrative error has been made or you have evidence of individual bias.

Appeals can be submitted via email to

If you are unhappy with your grade and wish to sit your exam in the Autumn, or you would like support regarding progression opportunities at the College, then please contact your tutor(s).

Who to contact

Any queries regarding Centre Assessed Grades can be emailed to

If a change in your grade (from moderated to CAG) means that you may now be eligible to take-up a conditional offer at a university, please contact the university in the first instance.

What are Centre Assessed Grades (CAG)?

The centre assessment grade is the teacher’s professional judgement of the most likely grade a student would have achieved if exams had gone ahead.

When calculating Centre Assessed Grades, there are a number of steps taken to ensure a fair and even-handed judgement of student work that prevent individual bias.

For transparency, below is a summary of the steps taken before Centre Assessed Grades were submitted to awarding bodies (also note, this process was conducted in accordance with Ofqual guidance):

Each set of grades (and corresponding rank ordering) for a subject was signed off by at least two teachers in the related subject, one of whom was the Head of Department.

The proposed grades were subject to the internal validation process ensuring all grades were fair and fully adhered to the Ofqual guidance. This process involved teachers, college management, Quality Department and the Exams Team.

The Head of Centre signed-off all of these grades prior to submission.

DateThursday 20 August 2020

When/WhereFrom 8am onwards via our Student Portal  If you are  receiving  GCSE results and are considering further studies, why not visit our website for course information, details about how to apply and enrol, or to receive careers advice. Applications are available 24/7 via the website andwe still have a huge range of courses available that start this September. Visit  Careers Advisors will be available to help you with your next step in education, training or employment. Before & after results days, you can reach the team via 

All other results will be emailed to your email address on Thursday 20th August.  

For queries regarding BTEC Results, please contact

m. 07435 928 846

t. 01274 088008

Main college switchboard: 01274 088088

To access the portal, you can visit the College website and use the student resource link or go online and visit: You will need to create an account if you do not have one and login. Click the ‘Registration’ tab and select ‘My Results’.  

Please email (Remember certificates will NOT be available until the autumn term – more details will be supplied ASAP).

Results Day contacts:

m. 07435 928 846

t. 01274 088008


Main college switchboard: 01274 088088

If you have any queries please email us with “Results 2020” in the subject box.

GCSE grades queries please email 

19 + Adult GCSE English and Maths grade queries please email / 

 19+ Adult GCSE Science grade queries please email or .  

A level grades queries please email:  

16-18 A Level grades queries please email    

For ALL other qualifications please email

Main college switchboard: 01274 088088

Email our Student Records and MIS team via:  

16-18 GCSE grades queries please email

19 + Adult GCSE English and Maths grade queries please email /

19+ Adult GCSE Science grade queries please email or level grades only queries please email:  

Results Day contacts:

m. 07435 928 846

t. 01274 088008


Main college switchboard: 01274 088088

As a student you have the right to know the grade awarded to you by the College should you wish.  In the first instance, you should speak with your curriculum/subject department or email the contacts below with “Results 2020” in the subject heading.  

For results released on 20th August, your Centre Assisted Grade will be recorded on your results letter/student portal.

GCSE grades queries please email 

19 + Adult GCSE English and Maths grade queries please email /  

 19+ Adult GCSE Science grade queries please email or  

A Level grades only, please email:    

For all other qualifications please email

Centre Assessed Grade Request Form – Download

Please note – centre assessment grades cannot be shared before results day(s). This is to protect the integrity of the process. Any inappropriate disclosure will be investigated by exam boards as potential malpractice. 

The normal Enquiries about Results (EAR) service will be unavailable this year due to the College providing centre assessed grades. Instead, there will be a simple appeals process, and this will be limited to submitting an appeal to the awarding body on behalf of a candidate (student) where it is believed that: 

The centre itself made an error when submitting centre assessment grade or rank order information to the awarding body and has supporting evidence that confirms an error was made (and will submit its supporting evidence at the earliest stage and explain why data which the Head of Centre declared to be accurate is now considered incorrect) 

the awarding body made a mistake in the operation of the standardisation model where the wrong data was used to calculate results  

the awarding body made an administrative error in the issuing of results 

Ofqual will release further information closer to results day regarding appeals and we will update this page accordingly. Please check back regularly for updates. 

Ofqual appeal arrangement for A Levels and GCSEs

To enquire about making an appeal you should first speak with your curriculum/subject department and/or Quality team to check that the above criteria is met. Where the curriculum team/quality lead confirms the criteria is met, they will refer you to the appeals process and will work with our Student Records & MIS team to submit your appeal to the examination board. Further updates will be uploaded here on a regular basis – please check back for updates. 

Please note in order to process your appeal in time, there maybe a charge for this service. Please make sure all appeals are in at the Centre by the 31 August.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Screenshot-2020-08-11-at-11.47.12-679x1024.png

As you’ll be aware there is going to be an Autumn exam series, with A Levels taking place in October and GCSEs in November. More details are emerging daily, and we will update this information regularly – please check this page for updates. 

Please email us with “Resits 2020” in the subject box. Please note the deadlines below: • A Level resit requests – 28th August 2020• GCSE resit requests – 11th September 2020

16-18 GCSE please email 

19 + Adult GCSE English and Maths please email / 

19+ Adult GCSE Science please email or  

A Levels please email:    

Please note there may be a charge for this service.

Derek Richardson, Pearson’s Responsible Officer, has recorded a short video for students, explaining how grades will be standardised this summer using the Ofqual model. 

Important information for students/parents from Pearson | Edexcel  

Support for students during summer 2020 

Please note:
It is your responsibility to update changes to your name or address via the Student Portal – the College will not be liable for the loss of any documents/results, or certificates sent via the portal, email or the post.   

Last updated: 18 September 2020

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