Disability services and learning support

Learning support: Autistic spectrum conditions

Our experienced team provides high-quality support for students on the autistic spectrum, including Asperger’s.

We will create a flexible and individualised support package. 

We will provide a Learning Support Agreement outlining the support that has been agreed.

Examples of help

  • one-to-one sessions with a wellbeing advisor
  • learning assistant support
  • exam support such as rest breaks, separate rooms
  • transition support, such as help with filling in application forms and help with enrolment
  • help with coursework
  • time management
  • emotional wellbeing advice and support
  • peer and relationship building and social opportunities to help support you

This support is very flexible and can change over time if you need additional help or as you move towards greater independence. 

Learning support area

Come to the learning support area on the third floor of the David Hockney Building to meet your tutors.

You can also access the PCs and Macs that have a range of specialist software, such as Jaws, Text Help, Mind View, Dragon, Inspiration, Zoom Text, and Quick Scan.

Meet the Disability Services and Learning Support Team.

Last updated: 19 May 2020

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