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If you are in financial hardship and need extra help to stay on your Higher Education course, you can apply to the Bradford College Access to Learning Fund.

You can apply for help if you:

  • have exhausted all your means of funding including Government support
  • are attending your course regularly
  • are studying an eligible full-time and part-time undergraduate course

See the guidance notes for more details.


  • End of Term Grant – a small grant for students who run out of money before the end of the Autumn or Spring term
  • Standard Grant – a small grant for students who have unexpected payments or short-term financial difficulties.
  • Hardship Grant – more substantial grants for students in more serious financial difficulties.

Course Related Grants – for part-time students (both home and EU1 students) and full time EU1 students whose gross household income is under £25,000. 

There is also a short-term loan for students waiting for their first student finance payment.


Please complete the relevant application form and email to hestudentfinance@bradfordcollege.ac.uk with the required  documents as outlined in the Notes of Guidance.

Approval of the grants is down to satisfactory evidence being supplied, and meeting the criteria does not give a student an entitlement to any of the grants. The Bradford College Access to Learning Fund has limited funds available and once these have been committed no further grants will be given.

The closing date for 2021/22 applications is Friday, 13th May 2022.







Last updated: 09 August 2021

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