Free meals support for disadvantaged students

Ruth Peterson | November 24, 2020

Bradford College will continue to support those eligible for free college meals throughout the college holidays including half term and the winter break.

The college also backs footballer Marcus Rashford’s high-profile campaign to combat child poverty. This month the government announced it will set aside around £400m to support disadvantaged children and their families in England over the winter.

Committed to support outside term time

Head of Student Services Graham Bailey said: “We fully support Marcus Rashford in his campaign to support disadvantaged young people and we’re really pleased that the government has reversed its previous decision not to offer free school meals in the holidays. We’ve committed to continue to support our students who are eligible for Free College Meals outside of term-time.”

Bursary funding available

Students of any age experiencing financial hardship are encouraged to apply to the College for bursary funding. Eligible students may also receive help with course related costs and travel.

Graham said: “If you or your family are not sure whether you qualify, please contact our Student Funding Team who will be able to advise. If you or your family’s financial circumstances have changed, for example if your job has been affected by the uncertainty around Covid-19, you or your child may now be able to access support.”

Good meals mean healthy minds and bodies

As well as health benefits, Bradford College also believes being able to access nutritious meals is essential for healthy minds as well as bodies. According to mental health charity Mind, a healthy diet can help:

  • Improve your mood
  • Give you more energy
  • Help you think more clearly

Research shows a healthy breakfast can help learners perform better in exams. For example, porridge or low-sugar muesli provide slow-release energy. All this helps to boost concentration and memory, keep up energy levels and ensure their minds work at optimum level for the best chances of success.

Contact us

Bradford College Student Union website has a host of resources for students, including information on how to claim financial help if they need it. Please contact Student Funding on or call 01274 088349.

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