Explore new possibilities with School Leavers Course Guide

Ruth Peterson | November 3, 2020

A world of new skills and experiences await young people as Bradford College has released its 2021 School Leavers Further Education Course Guide.

Screenshot of front page of FE course guide

Opportunities for all

From apprenticeships to A levels and GCSEs to vocational training courses, Bradford College has exciting opportunities for everyone.

Both inside and outside the classroom, Bradford College aims to transform lives. So whether learners want to reach higher levels of education or become qualified to find employment, the college strives to get them ready for the future, with the resilience and confidence needed to succeed.

A more interactive guide than ever before

This year’s guide was written and produced during the Covid-19 pandemic. Bradford College adapted its teaching and learning to deliver induction sessions, events and classes using a host of online tools. In line with these measures, the course guide has been made more interactive. Alex Rhodes, Marketing Content Copywriter who coordinated the creation of the guide, said: “We recognised the circumstances of the past year could impact our ability to issue physical copies of the new guide. This is why we found new ways of making sure readers could better engage with it digitally.”

There are QR codes which readers can scan to access additional information. They can find out more about the work experience opportunities offered by the college.

Inspiring stories

Learners can take inspiration from success stories such as Jasmin Akter, who was named Everything In Sport’s Unsung Hero in Women’s Sport 2019 – just weeks after being selected as one of BBC’s Most Influential Women of The Year Worldwide alongside Greta Thunberg, Alexandra Ocasio- Cortez and Megan Rapinoe.

The guide also makes use of Zappar, an augmented reality app which displays interactive content.

Bradford College has been working to make sure that students’ learning experience or progression opportunities are impacted as little as possible by the new methods of teaching, and that college campuses remain safe for students and staff.

Keeping students safe and supported

The college has delivered education to the region for nearly 200 years, and has built a solid reputation and healthy relationships with local and national employers.

In July 2020 the college launched a brand new website making it easier to find out about all of our courses and apply online.

Please visit bradfordcollege.ac.uk for more details.

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