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Student update – Monday 17 May 2021

Bradford College has continually followed the Government guidance, and this has enabled the college to remain a very safe place to work and learn throughout the global pandemic.

We want to keep that high safety standard but we are also mindful and welcoming the move to a more normalised college environment. Therefore, from Monday 17 May, we will be making the following changes:

Face Coverings

  • Face coverings will be proactively encouraged and recommended, but will no longer be mandatory in classrooms or communal areas.  Face coverings will still need to be worn in hospitality and Retail areas of the college (Restaurants, Kitchens and Salons)

One Way Systems and Restrictions

  • Most one-way systems will be removed, all one-way systems will remain in the central areas of David Hockney Building and Trinity Green.

Social Distancing

  • Directional lifts will still be in use and  restriction on numbers of people in lifts will remain( i.e. max two persons per lift.)
  • Social distancing requirements are still to be adhered to when possible. We are asking students to take sensible measures and take personal responsibility for their own safety.


We continue to encourage students to use Lateral Flow Device home test kits, these are available free of charge at multiple locations across all campuses and testing is encouraged to use the free kits and test themselves twice per week.

We hope that, while we start the easing of restrictions, the infection rates stay low. However if they start to rise or if there is a change in government guidance, we may find it necessary to restrict attendance, return to a mandatory wearing of face coverings or implement increased social distancing measures.

We will keep following government guidance

Any decisions to further restrict will not be taken lightly but will follow government guidance. We may also have to put into place other restrictions in line with government guidance if there are isolated regional/ local outbreaks

Any changes will be kept under review and will be lifted as soon as the government,  Public Health England and scientific advice says it is right to do so.     

Last updated: 17 May 2021

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