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Bradford College

English and Maths Matter

English and maths skills are essential for work and everyday life so they play a key role in your study programme at Bradford College.

English and maths are important as they help you:

  • move on to higher levels of Further Education
  • move on to Higher Education
  • go to university
  • have better job prospects
  • have more job security

Most employers want you to have acceptable levels of English and maths.

Your study programme

At Bradford College, we aim to help you to learn and reach your full potential.

No matter what your level, we will find the right programme for you.

Don’t worry if you don’t meet the exact entry requirements – we will take your personal circumstances into account.

If you do not have a Grade 4 or C in Maths and English, you will attend Maths and English classes as part of your programme.

English and Maths Success Centres

Have you missed an English or Maths class, or do you just need extra help?

Visit our English and Maths Success Centres.

We have dedicated tutors who can help you catch up, provide guidance and teach you extra skills.

The English Success Centre is on the third floor of the David Hockney Building.

The Maths Success Centre is on the fifth floor of the David Hockney Building.

They are open daily from Monday to Friday during working hours. Feel free to drop in.

Free online courses

Keen to improve your reading, writing or maths skills?

Learn in your own time, at your own pace, with FREE OpenLearn courses in English and Maths.

You can join throughout the year.

Attendance and achievement

Make sure you attend your classes regularly and on time.

Research shows that the more you attend, the more likely you are to achieve Grades 4-9 in your GCSEs (Department for Education “The link between absence and attainment at KS2 and KS4” March 2016).