Students aim high with Sky diversity scheme

Ruth Peterson | February 14, 2020

A ‘reverse mentoring’ programme aims to give students from Bradford College the chance to be part of a team of engineers and help improve workforce diversity at Sky.

The programme enables students to gain real-life experience of the work of the Sky Home Service Engineering team, and gives them a chance to provide the experienced engineers with fresh outlooks on a range of topics.

Living a day in the life of an engineer

Nargas Khan, placement consultant at the work placements team at Bradford College, explained: “The students will get a chance to live the day in the life of an engineer to see what it is really like and gain some knowledge about equipment used, health and safety and other aspects.”

As part of the scheme, the students, who are studying subjects including IT, engineering and electrical installation, will spend four ‘ride out’ days working in pairs with experienced Sky engineering staff.

As well as providing work experience for students, the ride out days will enable engineers to capture students’ views on internal communication, technology and diversity.

Mel Webster – a success story

Mel Webster, who studied a level 1 plumbing diploma with Bradford College, is among those who successfully completed the reverse mentoring project last year. She is now an apprentice Home Service engineer with Sky.

She said: “I was partnered with an engineer who showed me everything that his job entails. The weather wasn’t very kind to us but when you’re actually hands on with the installations you quickly lose sight of the weather and full concentration is on the job and of course the customer. My role was to just be me! I didn’t think I’d interact with our customers as much as I did during the mentoring project but I did, I felt at ease.

“I enjoyed the reverse mentoring project so much so that I then went on to apply for an apprenticeship as a home service engineer. I am now six months into my role and I love it! The best part of my job for me is the interaction with our customers. This has been a great opportunity that has most certainly opened a door for me and my family.”

The programme will run until April 2020.

Find out more about work placements with the college

Bradford College works closely with employers to offer professional placements and opportunities on many of our courses, proving hands-on experience of the world of work.

You can find out more about work placements at Bradford College on the website.


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