Special donation of health supplies from Bradford College

Ruth Peterson | March 30, 2020

30 March 2020

Medical supplies including more than 13,000 gloves and 800 bottles of hand sanitiser have been donated to health organisations by Bradford College.

Bradford Royal Infirmary took delivery of the gloves from the College’s Advanced Technology Centre while the remainder of the bumper package of goods was collected by Bradford-based charity The Cellar Trust.

What Bradford College has provided:

  • 26 packs of Virtex antiseptic gloves
  • 13,610 gloves
  • 1975 wipes
  • 320 face masks
  • 67 eye protection sets
  • 200 disposable eye protection sets
  • Six 1.2L bottles of hand soap
  • Six 1.2L bottles of hand sanitiser
  • Three lots of 350ml hand sanitising gel
  • 800 50ml bottles of hand sanitiser
  • 75 dry-wipe wash cloths
Members of the team pose with medical supplies outside David Hockney building

Who did we help?

Craig Tupling, Vice Principal (Quality & Student Experience), arranged for The Cellar Trust to collect the majority of the supplies while the College’s security team arranged for 5,800 pairs of gloves to be taken straight to Bradford Royal Infirmary.

Sue Gott, Head of Facilities Management at Bradford College, said: “We want to do everything we could to support the NHS during these difficult times. While Bradford College is physically closed, we are happy to donate our supplies to the NHS and for local organisations that need them.”

Continuing to support the front line

The college has been supporting frontline organisations and charities while the country works to combat the spread of Coronavirus. The Grove Restaurant, the college’s training restaurant has donated food to Bradford Central Food Bank, helping some of the country’s most vulnerable people have access to meals.


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