Graduate filmmaker has Funny Feelings about latest project

Ruth Peterson | May 30, 2019

30 May 2019

An award-winning Bradford College graduate is preparing for the launch of her first short play.

Suman Hanif

Suman Hanif’s latest project, Funny Feelings, is a comedy highlighting mental health issues. The play will debut at Kala Sangam in Bradford on July 5.

Suman, who graduated with a first class honours degree in film from Bradford College in 2016, hopes her piece will “promote diversity and inclusion in communities and spark a debate about mental health issues in students”.

The thought-provoking play draws inspiration from real stories from the diverse community of Bradford, Suman’s home city. At the centre are teenagers Davina and Sabrina. The pair meet and discover that, despite their different backgrounds, they have more in common than they first realised. One is a British Pakistani teenager, feeling bound by traditions and imagining how easy life would be if she were white. The other is a white girl wishing the opposite.

Suman’s debut film ‘Plates’ screened at the Busan international film festival, where it became a great success. She followed that with another documentary film ‘Loneliness and Isolation’, screened at the 2018 Golden Film festival in Bradford.

Suman is also one of the panellists for the 2019 Lights Camera and Equality event organised by Bradford UNESCO City of Film and BBC Radio Leeds. Not only that, she is also on the judging panel for the UK Asian film festival 2019.

Following the performance of Funny Feelings at Kala Sangam in Forster Square, there will be a post-show discussion.

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