Fashion Degree takes Broadway stage

Ruth Peterson | November 4, 2020

A fabulous display created and designed by students on an exciting Fashion degree is showcasing a uniquely Bradford style to shoppers at a city centre venue.

Garments made by students on the BA (Hons) Fashion degree at the Bradford School of Art, at Bradford College are now proudly displayed by mannequins in shop windows at The Broadway in Bradford.

Fashion display at Broadway

The display, in the former Topshop window and near a selection of leading high street fashion retailers, has been set up to promote the degree course and highlight the varied and exciting careers in the fashion world.

The fashionable part of town

BA Fashion Programme Leader Angela Loftus said: “When people go to Broadway, they’re looking to purchase fashion, and we are going to be based in a fashionable area, so this was an ideal place to promote our course.

“The aim of this display is to get the word out about our degree and promote the other courses available at Bradford School of Art.

Brilliant garments, exciting careers

“It promotes the brilliant garments that graduates go on to make and the jobs they go on to do. We’ve got students who go on to visual merchandising for instance, and pattern cutting. Fashion is an industry with a lot of jobs that need talented people to do.”

Throughout the display, a host of different garments will be displayed on the mannequins, giving many students and graduates of the degree course the chance to show off their designs to the public.

The display was created in time for people to see it while browsing the shops during the half-term school break. It will remain there throughout the run-up to Christmas, and into the early part of January. Angela said: “It will be there after the New Year, when people will be thinking of making a change and considering going back to college to study.”

A Frida Kahlo-inspired dress created by graduate Bekaka Franck Diabagate is on show, alongside work designed by Kiran Zaahira, who featured in prestigious magazine Oh Comely’s 50th birthday issue with her fashion design collection ‘A Cup A Tea’.

A massive opportunity

Angela said: “It’s a massive opportunity for students to see their work on display in a commercial setting. It’s brilliant also to promote our home-grown talent in our local shopping centre. I think this is a unique chance to celebrate their work and what the Bradford School of Art can offer to creative people in our community.”

About the BA Hons Fashion Degree

The BA (Hons) Fashion degree is designed to produce highly qualified ’employment ready’ graduates who are able to play leading roles in a wide range of fashion related careers.

It provides a broad-based, high quality education in Fashion, encompassing a range of cognitive, creative and subject specific skills, knowledge and understanding, allowing applicants to develop their awareness and understanding of the demands and creative potential of professional practice for employment, enterprise and post graduate study.

You can find out more about the course and how to apply on the Bradford College website.

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