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Ruth Peterson | August 10, 2020

Have you ever dreamt of designing outfits and seeing your creations worn on the catwalk and the high street?

The Bradford School of Art at Bradford College is offering a BA Hons Fashion Degree. The programme will enable people to play leading roles in a host of fashion-related careers.

“I wanted to know more about the fashion industry than just what we see on the red carpet.”

But as graduate Bekaka Franck Diabagate knows, there is so much more to fashion and design than the runway. Bekaka, who graduated from the course in 2019, said: “I chose to do a degree in Fashion because I wanted to know more about the fashion industry than just what we see on the red carpet. But I fell in love with fashion once I had my first meeting with BA Fashion Programme Leader Angela Loftus, she explained me what the course was about and what I should expect from the college.”

Could you see your designs on the runway? From the Summer Fashion Show 2019.

A broad-based education in fashion

The degree provides a broad-based, high-quality education in fashion. It covers a range of academic and creative skills, knowledge and understanding. This allows people studying this fascinating course to develop their awareness and understanding of the demands and creative potential of professional practice for employment, enterprise and post graduate study. Inventive, innovative and able to design creations that are uniquely ‘them’, graduates are equipped with all the skills and expertise needed for a successful career in this exciting field.

Bekaka said: “I had the best three years of my academic life not only because the course was exciting and challenging, but also because of the support and care I got from my tutors. I came to Bradford School of Art with the intention of discovering what fashion was all about. However, I graduated with multiple knowledge and skills that I would have never dreamt of.”

Tymoor Gharbo is another of the course’s success stories. Having graduated from the course, he went on to become the founder and head designer at London-based label Tymoor. The label focuses on clean, contemporary takes on classic clothing for men and women.

He created the label after moving from West Yorkshire to London, but still credits Bradford School of Art with giving him the skills he needed to follow his ambition. Tymoor said: “The course was an incredible journey for me, where I learned all the prerequisite skills needed to build and grow my skill set and passion for the industry. Both of which have been paramount in the building of my brand. I couldn’t recommend the course more!”

“At Bradford School of Art, it’s more than just tutors and students; it’s more like a family”

Bekaka is now working towards a Masters in creative pattern cutting at another university but said: “At Bradford School of Art, it’s more than just tutors and students; it’s more like a family and I miss that connection.”

Bright pink dress designed by Bradford School of Art Fashion student
Bringing a vision to life

About the BA Hons Fashion programme

The BA (Hons) Fashion programme uses a blended learning approach, combining face to face sessions with online and practical work.

The broad range of modules allows students to develop a professional understanding of fashion design . They will also understand wider art and design practices within a range of contexts. It is supported by competitions, live projects, subject specialised visits and industry-led presentations.

Indeed, fashion graduate Kiran Zaahira’s artistic talents were showcased when one of her unique designs, A Cup A Tea, appeared in the prestigious magazine Oh Comely’s 50th Birthday issue.

After graduating this course, you may work in large or small businesses in the UK or abroad, or you may choose to work as a freelance designer.

Where will our degree take you?

You could found your own label like Tymoor, or follow in the footsteps of other graduates who have gone on to become designers for well-known names such as River Island, Next and M&S. Others have gone on to become buyers for labels such as Replay Jeans and Bradford-based Damart. You could even move into careers in other fields such as costume design at West Yorkshire Playhouse.

If you decide to continue your studies after your degree, Bradford School of Art also offers a range of Teaching and MA programmes.

Find out more about the BA Hons Fashion degree, and how to apply, on our website.

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