Honorary Fellows of Bradford College

The award of Honorary Fellow is the highest honour that Bradford College can bestow on a person.

It is given to individuals distinguished by their outstanding contribution to their fields, the College or the City of Bradford.

The earliest recipients were the Earl of Athlone KG in 1933 and Lord Harewood KG in 1935.

The scheme continued until the 1980s when political and textile industry luminaries Barbara Castle and Keith Wear were among those honoured.

As part of our celebration of excellence, we revived this important tradition in 2011.


Selection criteria

The purpose of the award of title ‘Honorary Fellow of Bradford College’ is to recognise outstanding service or support to the College or the Bradford District and/or distinguished achievement in any field of endeavour or activity which is consonant with the College’s educational offering.  It is intended to provide role models and inspiration to our graduating students; and to honour both the recipient and the College in the awarding of the Honorary Fellowship.

Honorary Fellows will be selected on the basis of continued involvement in one or more of the following:

  • a field or activity which is consistent with the College’s educational offering and/or activities;
  • support and/or willingness and ability to support the interests and welfare of Bradford College or of a particular part of the College’s activities;
  • promotion  and/or willingness and ability to promote the academic purposes of the College or of facilitating those purposes in any particular activity of the College;
  • fostering and/or willingness and ability to foster the links between the College and the communities it serves;
  • enhancing and/or willingness and ability to enhance educational opportunities to enter the College among persons with limited prospects of so doing;
  • in recognition of service or support to the Bradford District; and
  • belief in and support for the mission and vision of Bradford College and willingness and ability to work to promote the image and perception of the College.

Honorary Fellows should share the College’s values and consideration will be given to the balance of representation in terms of the protected characteristics set out in the Equality Act 2010.

Eligibility to nominate

Names of proposed recipients for Honorary Fellowships will be invited annually from:

  • members of the public;
  • current students of the College;
  • members of the academic and professional services staff of the College;
  • former students of the College;
  • College Governors;
  • Association of Friends of Bradford College (retired staff members); and
  • former Honorary Fellows

Eligibility to be nominated

Current members of the student body, Corporation, Executive or members of staff of the College will not be eligible for the award of an Honorary Fellowship while in office or enrolled.  

For the avoidance of doubt, former students, staff and Governors are eligible to be nominated however awards will not be made on the basis of past service as a College employee or Governor alone.

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