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Bradford College

Career Coach

What is Career Coach?

Bradford College has worked with Emsi to develop a bespoke career mapping tool for Bradford College students, those thinking about studying at Bradford College, and for Careers Advisors to support their learners.

Students can:

  • access regional intelligence on occupation trends, salaries and related careers
  • link these career options directly to the courses we offer and make informed choices about their future career path

Bradford (and bordering) schools have access to personalised Career Coach links to share with their students. For more information, contact [email protected]

How to use Career Coach

Simply click the link and sign up. You will need to provide an email address and a password of your choice, which can then be used at each log-in.

About Career Coach

Career Coach provides learners with labour market data on employment trends and wage information for the local region.

Students can explore 367 occupations (categorised by Government standard SOC) and their associated tasks and skills, annual average wage data at three different levels based on experience and education level, and employment trends and projections for the chosen region.

Career Coach includes personality-based Careers Assessments, which give learners strong and weak occupation matches.

Career Coach has a CV Builder which gives learners an interactive template to work from. The template has a pre-populated occupations section which allows learners to add previous work experience and their associated skills and tasks, along with education information, personal statement and references.

The tool allows learners to download or email their CV in a word document format, to work on with their Careers Advisor or personal tutor.