Walls of poppies to remember heroes

Ruth Peterson | November 11, 2020

We may not be able to be together on Armistice Day this year but students and staff at Bradford College have honoured those who have lost their lives through war and conflict.

A soldier silhouette against a vivid red and orange background, with poppies

A beautiful wall display of poppies and artwork has been created by entry level and level 1 Progression to Learning and Work students, turning part of the second floor of the David Hockney Building into a blaze of colour.

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Students coloured in poppy posters, painted their own pictures and made poppies. Among the red flowers and paintings, poems also formed part of the tribute.

Among the students who helped make the display was Atif Iqbal, who said: “I took great care to create a poster to remember those who died in the war.”

Talented artist Hannah Coulton painted a horse as part of the display, to commemorate the millions of animals who also played such an important role in the First World War. She said: “This was to remind people that it wasn’t just mankind; that animals also died for us.”

Progression to Learning and Work students with the Remembrance Day display they helped create

And last night (10 November), windows were illuminated with a light show of falling poppies after Media and Technology Manager Zaid Bashir arranged for a projection to be beamed above doors to the building.

Lest we forget: More images from the display
Red paper poppies on a wall

Kevan Ramsden, Uniformed Public Services Lecturer and former Royal Marine, has written this poem:

Poppies Will Be One

Have you ever noticed how you feel different with a poppy on?

Remembering those who may have served with Rum aplomb

Bombed, bloodied, bruised – Sierra alone, Stanley – the Somme

Blessing them all – the great and the gone

Some go to Helmand back – my stoic symbolism red and black

As annually, I gaze through misty eyes – mists of time

My chest bulges, my leaking eyes shine – Oh cheeky Tommy crossing the Rhine!

Rhymes, long, short or tall, all to the fore, when the Poppy is worn

I Tiddly Om Pom Pom, my whistling re-born

And warm thoughts for current young guns, brave daughters and sons

Soonest is best when; beer, buns, bunting comes

I know where, I know when – I’m going to wear my Poppy again

I jest not – lest not, I’ll notice the difference the same

So bless the old soldiers, bygone vigour gone by,

But always, always, boots, medals, memories still shone,

Through shining sun or slate grey sky, our Poppies will be one.

Progression to Learning and Work students with the Remembrance Day display

Bradford College highlights Armistice Day each year, and strives to educate and highlight the importance of remembering those who have lost their lives through war. This year we have also supported The Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal online and encourage others to donate to this cause at www.britishlegion.org.uk/

More poppy images against a white background

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