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British Sign Language Students Put Skills to the Test with MyLahore

Bradford College British Sign Language (BSL) students recently enjoyed a unique learning experience during a visit to MyLahore.

Bradford College is leading the way in addressing a crucial need in the region: the demand for British Sign Language (BSL) skills. In response to a noticeable skills gap, this flexible, part-time BSL course has been tailored to the needs of our local community, and students are already demonstrating their newfound abilities in the real world. 

a class of students and teachers sit at a table in the mylahore restaurant

On the evening of Tuesday 5th March, students who started with us in September 2023 put their growing skills to the test as they used their BSL knowledge to order meals and communicate with each other. The special outing provided a valuable opportunity to practice vital signing skills in a real-world setting. 

Vanessa Phillimore (Curriculum Area Manager) spoke about the importance of the trip to her students. She said: “Seeing our students confidently order and chat using BSL was truly heartwarming. 

“This experience not only reinforced their learning but also highlighted the importance of inclusivity and understanding everyone’s differences.” 

MyLahore, a valued College partner, offered a fun and dynamic environment for students to turn their classroom knowledge into reality. With several staff members fluent in British Sign Language (BSL), the restaurant became the perfect out-of-class setting for students to apply their growing BSL skills.

Delivered by our Adult & Community department provision, this course is designed to meet the needs of diverse learners. Whether you want to improve communication with those in your close circle or community, or simply fascinated by sign language; this course can cater to a wide range of aims and interests, providing a solid foundation beyond the basics.

Why learn BSL?

BSL opens doors to a whole new world of communication, facilitating connections with the deaf community, building stronger relationships with colleagues and friends, and even boosting job prospects. In today’s world, BSL can be a crucial skill for anyone looking to expand their communication skills.

Are you interested in finding out more?

We offer a part-time British Sign Language (BSL) course

With the flexible delivery model, students can spread BSL learning over 30 weeks, comfortably fitting it around any busy schedules – a perfect way to gain new knowledge without feeling overwhelmed.

Published: 21st March 2024




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