Statement on A-Level Results 2020

Ruth Peterson | August 18, 2020

On Monday 17 August, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson and exams regulator, Ofqual, announced that all A-levels and GCSEs in England will now be awarded the Centre Assessed Grades (CAG) that colleges submitted to exam boards.

What does this mean for A Level results?

The grades students received on A Level Results Day (13 August) were moderated by exam boards using a process that was criticised over its fairness. In a number of cases, the Centre Assessed Grades are higher than the moderated grades, and can now be awarded to students. However, if the moderated grade was higher, the student can keep the higher grade.

Confirming grades

We are awaiting guidance from Ofqual and the awarding bodies on when students will receive formal confirmation of their final grade. We will update students once we have received this information.


Currently, we believe the criteria for appealing a grade (CAG or moderated) remains unchanged. Please note that you are unable to appeal a Centre Assessed Grade unless you believe an administrative error has been made or you have evidence of individual bias.

Appeals can be submitted via email to

If you are unhappy with your grade and wish to sit your exam in the Autumn, or you would like support regarding progression opportunities at the College, then please contact your tutor(s).

Who to contact

Any queries regarding Centre Assessed Grades can be emailed to

If a change in your grade (from moderated to CAG) means that you may now be eligible to take-up a conditional offer at a university, please contact the university in the first instance.

What are Centre Assessed Grades (CAG)?

The centre assessment grade is the teacher’s professional judgement of the most likely grade a student would have achieved if exams had gone ahead.

When calculating Centre Assessed Grades, there are a number of steps taken to ensure a fair and even-handed judgement of student work that prevent individual bias.

For transparency, below is a summary of the steps taken before Centre Assessed Grades were submitted to awarding bodies (also note, this process was conducted in accordance with Ofqual guidance):

  • Each set of grades (and corresponding rank ordering) for a subject was signed off by at least two teachers in the related subject, one of whom was the Head of Department.
  • The proposed grades were subject to the internal validation process ensuring all grades were fair and fully adhered to the Ofqual guidance. This process involved teachers, college management, Quality Department and the Exams Team.
  • The Head of Centre signed-off all of these grades prior to submission.

If you are a student awaiting results, you can find full details of how and when you will receive your results on our A Level, GCSE and BTEC exam results page.

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