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Specialist Contact Lens Workshop Inspires Next Generation of Opticians

A group of past and present ophthalmic dispensing students (specialising in the study of the eye) were treated to a unique training workshop at Bradford College.

Contact Lens Certificate students were invited to a bespoke event delivered by Ian Sexton from No7 Contact Lenses. The session focussed on specialist lenses called ‘sclerals’ – large-diameter gas permeable lenses that rest on the white of the eye (the sclera).

Both current and former students were invited to the workshop which involved detailed discussions on specialist lenses, including Ortho-K, before a hands-on fitting workshop involving mini-sclerals.

Participants were given the opportunity to handle, insert, remove, and observe the fitting of the specialist lenses in the workshop and discuss their findings.

Dean Dunning, Programme Leader for the Contact Lens Course at Bradford College, commented:

“We are extremely grateful to Ian and No7 Contact Lenses for coming to Bradford and running the workshop. Our students are all fitting contact lenses in practice but get minimal opportunity to see specialist lenses such as mini-sclerals in their day-to-day contact lens clinics.

“This workshop was invaluable in giving them the confidence in being able to discuss and fit more specialist lenses within their clinics in the future. It is certainly something that we intend to continue to run regularly in the future.”

Taiba Ali, a contact lens student at Bradford College and trainee CLO at Specsavers, said:

“The scleral fitting workshop has given me more confidence to discuss these options with patients and to fit patients with more complex needs. The day was extremely helpful and beneficial in seeing lenses that you wouldn’t normally see in practice.”

Bliss Rycroft, Trainee Contact Lens Optician for Boots Opticians in Keighley, also attended the workshop after recently taking her final Contact Lens Practical Examinations. She added:

“The workshop was really insightful and informative into what other contact lens options are available out there for the patients that I see in practice. The session has made me feel really excited for my future as a Contact Lens Optician, so a huge thank you to Dean for organising the workshop, and to Ian at No7 for leading the session.”

Ian Sexton, Professional Services Manager at No7 Contact Lenses, said:
“It was a real pleasure to come to Bradford. They were a great group and I really enjoyed spending the time with everyone at the college.”

For enquiries regarding the Contact Lens Certificate course at Bradford College, contact Dean Dunning at [email protected]

Published: 15th August 2022




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