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RMA Systems triumph at 2024 Bradford College Apprenticeship Games

It was newcomers RMA Systems that came out on top at the second-ever Bradford College Apprenticeship Games yesterday.

A score of 41 points was enough for the Bradford-based building energy experts to clinch the trophy ahead of Northern Pump Suppliers in 2nd and JCT600 in 3rd.

Also in attendance on the day was:

Andy Griffiths, Engineering Manager at our newly reigned champions, said: “It’s been a brilliant day from start to finish. The breakfast was good, the lunch was good and all the events were lots of fun.

“Apprenticeships allow us to bring people in, nurture them and develop them into the people they want to be. As an employer you can’t ask for much more than that.”

The Games itself saw a catalogue of six different challenges, with a delicious lunch – provided by College students in The Grove – sandwiched in the middle.

The full range of activities included:

  • Beat the Keeper – provided by Bradford City AFC 
  • Kick a Conversion – provided Bradford Bulls RLFC 
  • Be a Dentist 
  • Flight Simulator 
  • Change a Wheel 
  • 3 Minute Omelette – provided by MyLahore

Speaking at the Games’ closing ceremony, Asa Gordon (Vice Principal) said:  “Apprenticeships are dear to our hearts and something we’ve been doing for a number of years now. They give lots of people, across all age groups, the opportunity to take those next steps of their choice in education.

“It’s great to see everyone here today supporting apprenticeships locally. We have some fantastic success rates and an amazing, award-winning curriculum with a range of apprenticeships on offer.

“We’re constantly looking to provide the pathways and opportunities for more people to come onto our apprenticeship courses. Days like this enable us to promote apprenticeships and talk about them as an alternative where individuals can achieve and be really successful going forward.”

The Apprenticeship Games have quickly become an annual celebration at Bradford College, falling within National Apprenticeship Week, with teams made up of our valued employer partners and their dedicated apprentices.

We are just one of a few Colleges across the country to host this sort of Olympic-style event and following a successful first two years, 2025 is set to go even bigger and better once again.

To find out about everything exciting going on at Bradford College for National Apprenticeship Week, please visit: 

Published: 7th February 2024




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