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Bradford College Celebrates National Apprenticeship Week

Embracing the spirit of National Apprenticeship Week (Feb 5-11), Bradford College hosted and participated in several events, highlighting the diverse opportunities available and benefits of apprenticeships.

Monday, February 5 – Leeds Apprenticeship Recruitment Fair

The week kicked off with the Leeds Apprenticeship Recruitment Fair, where we joined over 100 exhibitors to offer information, advice, and guidance to potential apprentices across the region to explore their career options.

Tuesday, February 6 – Second edition of our Apprenticeship Games

The highlight of the week was the return of the highly anticipated Apprenticeship Games, which saw nine employer teams and some apprentices compete in a series of fun and challenging tasks. Newcomers RMA Systems emerged victorious, clinching the trophy with their impressive performance across tasks like “Beat the Keeper” provided by Bradford City AFC and “Three Minute Omelette” by MyLahore.

Andy Griffiths, engineering manager at RMA Systems, emphasized the value of apprenticeships, stating, “They allow us to bring people in, nurture them, and develop them into the people they want to be. As an employer, you can’t ask for much more than that.”

Wednesday, February 7 – Open Evening

On Wednesday, the College hosted a dedicated Apprenticeship Open Evening, specifically for prospective apprentices and their families. The event provided an overview of the diverse apprenticeship pathways available, with the Apprenticeship Team readily answering questions and guiding attendees on their chosen path.

Thursday, February 8 – Apprenticeships Unlocked Event

As a blanket of snow spread over many parts of the UK including Bradford on Thursday, the week continued with the College’s participation in the “Apprenticeships Unlocked” event at Victoria Hall, Saltaire. This collaborative event saw Bradford College alongside other providers and local businesses showcase their apprenticeship offerings to a large audience of future apprentices. This provided an opportunity for interaction and exploring various career possibilities.

Friday, February 9 – A Heartfelt Thank You to Partner Employers

To conclude NAW 2024, the College hosted a “Thank You” lunch for our valued employer partners. This event served as an expression of gratitude for their unwavering support in nurturing and shaping the success of our apprentices. Over 30 people attended the lunch in the Grove Training Restaurant and were greeted by Kelly McCallister, Nicky Betteridge and Asa Gordon.

Additionally, we shared our exciting vision for the future of apprenticeships, highlighting plans to strengthen partnerships for mutual benefit and increased accessibility to apprenticeship opportunities.

Kelly McAllister, Head of the Apprenticeship Provision, emphasised the College’s commitment to collaboration, stating, “We are not only keen about working with employers, there is also an opportunity to involve stakeholders in the district like the council to see how we can all work together to increase access to apprenticeships for all.”

Bradford College’s successful #NAW 2024 activities demonstrate our commitment to promoting apprenticeships as a valuable and rewarding career pathway. With a focus on collaboration, engagement, and inclusivity, Bradford College continues to play a vital role in shaping the future of apprenticeships in the region.

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Published: 15th February 2024




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