Forget breakfast in BED! Why not try Theatre instead?

Ruth Peterson | December 3, 2020

Story by Chloe Bedford

The acting talent of Bradford College BA Performing Arts students will deliver a captivating 360° video performance on Wednesday 9 December.

This event will be streamed via YouTube at 7pm, showcasing a production that has been skillfully edited by the students. They have tirelessly rehearsed and adapted during these unpredictable times. The cast now brings a 40-minute performance that will entertain and amaze all those with a love for theatre.

Bringing Jim Cartwright’s Bed to life

The cast will perform ‘Bed’ by Jim Cartwright and previously performed by the National Theatre in 1989. Bed features seven elderly people residing in one large bed, reminiscing about their past through a procession of monologues and movements.

It explores the reality of life, old age and death in the surreal world of dreams. Although it has been streamlined and altered to be set in an asylum/ psychiatric institution with nine people, this production will still hold the same integrity of the original script and will provide a fully enjoyable performance.

The talented cast of Bed

A digital performance

Originally planned as a live show, Covid restrictions have seen the show transformed into a digital experience.

Programme leader for HE Performing Arts Tom Aldersley said: “From the first rehearsal, the attitude of myself and the company was not to focus on what Covid was preventing us from doing, rather looking at what we can do, be the first to do it and be the best at it. Our production of Bed is presented in 360-degree Virtual Reality, which is a massive innovation in theatre and takes the audience to heart of the action. The students have risen to the challenges of this new technology and have created an amazing production.”

Find out more

To find the link to the show, information about future projects from Performing Arts students, as well as insight into the performing arts courses at Bradford College and what they can teach you, please keep checking their social media pages:


Instagram: @pashb20

Twitter: @PAStudentHub

Tik-Tok: @pastudenthub

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