Collab Group Announces Bradford College as New Member

Ruth Peterson | January 15, 2021

The Collab Group, an organisation representing 35 of the largest and most innovative colleges in the UK, has announced Bradford College as its newest member. 

Bradford College, a large further and higher education college teaching around 20,000 students, joins a national membership body concentrating on providing high-quality technical and professional education.

Collab Group logo

A strong industry focus

Bradford College has a strong industry focus and works collaboratively with local employers. It is a member of the City’s Industrial Centres of Excellence board and a member of the City’s Employment and Skills Board. Several local employers are also represented on the Corporation Board.

It is also a significant apprenticeship provider to over 750 employers with over 1000 apprentices trained through the college, with 53% of apprentices trained at the college employed at a levy-paying employer.

More recently, Bradford College has partnered with employers to lead the Future Technologies Centre, a new education and training initiative designed to support the growth of technology and low carbon skills within West Yorkshire. The centre currently includes three ‘hubs’ representing key industry skills needs including sustainable transport, sustainable construction and allied and medical health technology. The college is now inviting employers from across the region to be part of the project.

Areas of growth

The college’s main growth areas have been teacher education, ESOL, adult community learning, and 14-16 provision. It also has a strong focus in the Creative Arts (Bradford School of Arts), Education (Margaret McMillan School of Education) and Meditech and Applied Sciences.  

The inclusion of Bradford College strengthens the reach of the Collab Group network across West Yorkshire.

Looking forward to successful working

Chris Webb, Chief Executive Officer Bradford College, said: “We are delighted to join the Collab Group and look forward to working regionally and nationally with other colleges and employers to deliver our mission of transforming the lives of our students and communities.”

 Ian Pretty, CEO of Collab Group, said: “I am delighted to welcome Bradford College into the Collab Group. The college has a strong track record in delivering high-quality education and training and their inclusion strengthens the Collab Group presence across West Yorkshire, and we welcome Chris Webb and the executive team into the group.”

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