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Beth makes Northern Lights glow in Sunbridgewells

Northern Lights-inspired artwork painted by Bradford School of Art graduate Beth Menzies is on display at a city centre arts and photography exhibition.

Beth, who studied Visual Arts, is now showcasing the beautiful work as part of Sunbridgewells Christmas Art Exhibition.

Beth, 43, who lives in Bradford and has two children, explained the inspiration behind her work: “I was doing a project on inner beauty in 2019 and wanted to show inner beauty externally. There is beauty in everything on this planet, not just people and nature. I think for me, it is showing appreciation for the beauty that is all around us.

Why only have the seven colours of the rainbow when you can have the full spectrum?

“In lockdown everything seemed monotone and dreary. I feel why only have the seven colours of the rainbow when you can have the full spectrum, perhaps even find an undiscovered shade? Life doesn’t have to be monotone. be grateful for what you have. To me Northern Lights gives me hope for a better tomorrow. The spectrum of colours is perhaps a reminder that pandemic will end at some point; nothing lasts forever. The rainbow is a symbol of hope; the Northern Lights is the next level of reassurance.”

This is the second time this year Beth has had her work shown in the unique venue. In September she and fellow Bradford School of Art student Peter Hodgson had their work on show in the Sunbridgewells Arts Trail.

Beth is now studying to become an art teacher at Bradford College.

See the Christmas Art and Photography Exhibition

Running until Wednesday 22 December, the festive display also features works by fellow Bradford artists Catherine Gilford, Jillian Morgan and Ian Maxwell. As well as looking at the artwork, visitors will have a chance to buy them.

There will also be a chance to meet all the artists at the venue on Saturday 18 December from 7pm.

Sunbridgewells provides an atmospheric space to view art. The labyrinth of tunnels are the remnants of Bradford’s former demolished courthouse and gaol. Now people can visit bars, restaurants and shops in the setting.

You can find out more about the Sunbridgewells Christmas Art and Photography Exhibition at

Published: 15th December 2021



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