Be inspired at Colleges Live

Ruth Peterson | February 17, 2021

An event like no other will give students a great opportunity to hear from a host of inspirational speakers encouraging young people to reach their potential and be the best they can be.

Bradford College has signed up to The Association of Colleges (Aoc)’s Colleges Live Event , which takes place on Wednesday 24 February from 2pm until 4.30pm.

College live poster

This special event will enable you to hear from from all over the world who will share their life stories and top careers advice.

People attending this event will be able to:

  • Hear how a 17-year-old launched her own start-up business in New York
  • Understand the importance and value of diversity
  • Learn more about how individuals have overcome illness and disabilities to thrive in their careers
  • Discover how a college graduate became a designer at one of the largest sportwear giants in the world

Students will also have the chance to ask the questions about their education that matter to them.

Details of how to join the event will be shared with students shortly.

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