Accommodation: Homestay

If you want a supportive home to live in while you study, or you want to improve your English, you can apply for Homestay accommodation.

If you’re under 18 at the start of your course, it’s normal to use Homestay.

You will live in an English-speaking home, so you can improve your English language skills and immerse yourself in English culture.

You will be expected to live as part of the family, sharing mealtimes and taking part in home life.


The average home in the UK has three bedrooms.

You will have:

  • a private bedroom with a bed, study desk and clothes storage space
  • access to the house bathroom – it’s rare to have a private bathroom

Everyday life

Your Homestay host will discuss any house rules with you to avoid misunderstandings or problems.

Rules may include not smoking in the house, or being home by a certain time at night.

There may be other students living in the same house, but we try not to put students of the same nationality or language together.

In the evening you can spend time with the family – watching television, eating, talking), meet friends or study in your room.

Your Homestay host will normally do your laundry, but not ironing.


All Homestay homes are within 30 minutes walk or travel by public transport to the College.

We have good public transport links in and around Bradford, and most students walk to College or get the bus.

You can buy a student bus pass for about £30 per month.

Your responsibilities

In the UK, it’s normal for everyone to help look after the home.

It is not common to have any domestic help such as a maid or cleaner.

Your Homestay won’t expect you to do any major cleaning, but you will need to:

  • tidy your bedroom
  • get your laundry ready for washing
  • clean the bathroom after you have used it
  • tidy away items you have left around the house
  • clear away any food or snacks you prepare

From time to time your Homestay might ask you to take part in other tasks around the home too, which you should see as a chance to experience everyday life in the UK.

Before you arrive

When you are assigned a Homestay, we will give you some basic background details and their contact details.

It is a good idea to write or email them before you arrive to introduce yourself.

This is a chance to get to know your Homestay a little before you arrive – you could tell them where you are from, what you like to do, and what you are looking forward to about staying in Bradford.


Half board

Half board includes breakfast and an evening meal from Monday to Friday and all meals at weekends.

You will need to provide your own lunch and snacks during the week.

Some Homestays will be able to cater for dietary needs – please add these to your booking form.


You should expect to stay for at least one term, with most students staying around one year.

The rent does not usually include use of the house telephone, and you are encouraged to buy your own mobile phone when you arrive.

Rents for the 2018/2019 academic year were:

Half board£100 per week

Apply for Homestay

Ask for an application form:

They will then try to match your needs with a suitable Homestay provider.

Last updated: 18 February 2021

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