Future Technology Centre

Bradford College has partnered with employers to lead a new education and training initiative, helping create the highly-skilled technology workforce of tomorrow.

The Future Technologies Centre is a new and developing education, research and skills training framework. It has been designed by Bradford College to support the growth of technology and low carbon skills capacity and capability within West Yorkshire.

Inspire careers through work with schools in the district

Deliver a modern skills curriculum fit for industry now and in the future.

Re-skill individuals to engage with new employer-led technologies

Increase the availability of a skilled workforce, encouraging businesses to locate closer to the skills source and further drive technological growth.

Deliver a skilled regional workforce to encourage adaptations to existing technology as well as advancement of new technologies, enhancing existing businesses as well as attracting new ones.

Support businesses to locate in a low carbon, environmental and socially responsible region and add value to their products and services.

The initiative will ensure the college and its partners design curriculum and skills training programmes to meet the unique skills that key industry sectors will require, both present and future.

At the same time, it is designed to meet the climate change and low carbon plans set for the region. 

Asa Gordon, Assistant Principal at Bradford College, said: “Bradford College’s ability to align its skills and training with the needs of employers and stakeholders is crucial to meeting future technology opportunities available in West Yorkshire.

“Working with regional employers and stakeholders will allow us to create the careers that will be key to the region’s success.”

In the project’s first stage, the college linked with industry, education and community partners to create an ‘overview’ steering group. Three ‘Hubs’, representing key industry skills needs, have been created:

Each of these hubs has its own steering group made up of industry, academic and local authority partners. The purpose of each hub is to encourage the growth of future technology skills and new industry sectors in the region. The hubs will also ensure that their work is in line with regional socio-economic strategies and policy commitments such as climate change and sustainable development targets.

More hubs are planned for the future.

Come and speak to us

Get in touch with us

If you are an employer who would like to find out more about the Future Technologies Centre and work with us, please contact Asa at a.gordon@bradfordcollege.ac.uk

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