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Bradford College

GCSE Psychology for Adults

Qualification Gained
AQA GCSE Psychology
Study Level
Level 2
Course Type
1 year
Start Date
September 2024
Study Mode
David Hockney Building


Our one-year Psychology GCSE gives a flexible approach to learning. The course is divided into topics, each covering different key concepts of Psychology. Develop your practical, methodology and critical thinking skills as you understand how the mind works.

  Key Info

You will study essential knowledge and key concepts in Psychology, as well as the practical skills needed for investigative study. Develop essential knowledge in Psychology and how this applies in real-world situations and environments.

Topics covered include:

  • Memory
  • Development
  • Social Influence
  • The Brain and Neuropsychology

Course Content:

Cognition and Behaviour:

  1. Memory
  2. Perception
  3. Development
  4. Research Methods

Social Context and Behaviour:

  1. Social Influence
  2. Language, Thought and Communication
  3. Brain and Neuropsychology
  4. Psychological Problems

This GCSE is assessed at the end of the course by completing two 1 hour and 45-minute exams. The exam papers contain a variety of questions including structured, closed short answer and open response. Exam paper 1 assesses Cognition and Behaviour and exam paper 2 assesses social context and behaviour.

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