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Key details

Attendance Part-time
Duration 1 year
Awarding Body Edexcel
Level Further Education
Start Date Various

Course overview

This course will:

  • Increase your awareness and accuracy in dispensing before moving on to the checking role.
  • Provide you with the knowledge and skills to successfully undertake accuracy checking duties.
  • Provide you with the knowledge and skills to comply with current legislation, policy, good practice, organisational and professional codes of practice and ethical standards.

Upon successful completion of the course you will be accredited by Bradford College.


There is no requirement to visit the college as the entire course is delivered via our online portfolio system Ecordia. (Ecordia is a specialist e-portfolio solution for training centres, colleges and other education establishments. )

All submitted work will be assessed and internally verified by Pharmacy Technicians at Bradford College.

The course is delivered on a “roll on – roll off” basis therefore there is no designated start date.

Entry requirements

When enrolling you must:

  • Be a Registered Pharmacy Technician
  • Have the requirement to check as part of your job role
  • Be considered to have good dispensing accuracy by your workplace mentor
  • Be able to check 1,000 items within a 4 month period of the course
  • Have internet access to complete course
  • Basic IT skills (the hardest task is attaching a document – like in an email)
  • Have access to a workplace mentor who is an accredited checker or registered Pharmacist
  • Be willing and able to commit 3-5 hours of personal study a week as this is a 55 Guided Learning Hour course
  • Complete the course in 12 months
  • Be able to ‘issue’ prescriptions and provide appropriate counselling information.

Tuition fees

£350 payable at time of enrolment

See our Further Education tuition fees page for more details.

For information about our student services, please click here.

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