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AESSEAL: Building the Future of Engineering, One Apprentice at a Time

Embedded in Yorkshire’s rich engineering heritage, AESSEAL stands as a powerhouse of innovation in the area of mechanical seals and support systems. Beyond their world-class solutions, lies a deep commitment to nurturing the next generation of engineering talent.

As National Apprenticeship Week highlights the far-reaching impacts of apprenticeships on individuals, businesses and communities alike – we zoom in on AESSEAL.

We recently spoke with Darren Jones, AESSEAL’s Learning and Development Manager to uncover the why, the how, and the impact of their thriving partnership with Bradford College.

A Social Responsibility to Upskill: Why apprenticeships?

AESSEAL sees apprenticeships as more than just filling workforce gaps; it’s about fulfilling a social responsibility. They aim to empower young people, bridge the aging divide in engineering, and equip them with the skills to shape the future of the region.

Fresh Ideas From Young Minds: How do apprentices contribute?

AESSEAL doesn’t shy away from empowering its young apprentices. They actively involve them in projects, allowing them to contribute fresh ideas and perspectives, ultimately enhancing the company’s ability to innovate and grow.

Future-Proofing the Business: The competitive advantage of apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are not just about immediate needs; they’re about building a robust future. By nurturing young talent through apprenticeships, AESSEAL invests in its succession plan, securing a pipeline of skilled professionals with immense potential.

An Untapped Pool of Talent: Why employers should embrace apprenticeships

Darren encourages other employers to take the leap into the world of apprenticeships. He highlights the untapped pool of talent, the eagerness to learn, and the willingness to contribute new ideas – all invaluable assets for any organization.

Providing a Tangible Alternative: Apprenticeships and social impact

AESSEAL believes in offering alternatives to traditional education. Their apprenticeships equip young people with industry-relevant skills and experience, giving them a practical and rewarding career path beyond A-levels or University.

An Enduring Partnership: Bradford College and AESSEAL – a future of collaboration

The relationship between Bradford College and AESSEAL is one of mutual respect and collaboration. Both entities recognize the transformative power of apprenticeships and will continue to work together to provide engineering skill sets to the region for years to come.

Apprenticeships: A Credible Alternative for All

Darren’s parting message is a resounding call to action. He urges both employers and anyone aged 16 and above to consider apprenticeships as a valuable and credible alternative to traditional education paths. Whether it’s engineering or business administration, apprenticeships offer a unique opportunity to gain practical skills, contribute to a company’s growth, and build a fulfilling career.

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