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Bradford College

Work Experience & Industry Placements

Work Experience

Work Experience is a period of voluntary work in a sector a student is interested in pursuing after qualifying from college.  

The aim of a work placement is to get hands-on experience allowing a student to apply their classroom knowledge practically in the workplace.

  • The Work Placements Team engage with over 1500 local business and companies 
  • 93% of learners rated their satisfaction of work experience as good or above 
  • 99% of placement opportunities in college were organised by the work experience department 
  • 90% of L2 and L3 students completed or were scheduled to complete work experience in 2021-2022. 

Industry Placements

The Industry Placement programme gives genuine and meaningful “on the job” training where a range of experiences can take place, such as: time keeping, commuting and interacting with colleagues as well as learning new skills from employees who have the knowledge and experience to pass to students. We work with a large variety of placement providers both regionally and nationally.

A placement allows you to:

  • Develop soft skills such as teamwork and communication
  • Gain confidence
  • Develop a future career plan and clarify career goals
  • Apply course material to the working world
  • Widen knowledge of future career opportunities
  • Develop your CV and/or UCAS
  • Determine whether (or not!) the career is for you
  • Make a good impression on a potential future employer
  • Apply your knowledge and skills in a work setting
  • Increase skills and competencies which are highly sought after by employers
  • Give an insight into the way organisations operate and the challenges they face.
  • Help you to understand a particular job or industry

  • L2 Early Years – 250 hours
  • L3 Year 1 Early Years – 65 days/385 hours
  • L3 Year 2 Early Years – 68 days/385 hours
  • L2 Health and Social Care – 200 hours
  • L3 Year 1 Health and Social Care – 75 hours
  • L3 Year 2 Health and Social Care – 200 hours
  • Motor Vehicle L2 – 30 hours
  • Motor Vehicle L2 Fast Track – 30 hours
  • Motor Vehicle L3 – 30 hours
  • Hairdressing L2 – 30 hours
  • Hairdressing L3 – 30 hours
  • UPS L2 and L3 – 30 hours
  • Applied Science – 30 hours
  • Travel and Tourism L2 and L3 – 30 hours
  • Hospitality and Catering L2 and L3 – 30 hours
  • L2 Dental Care – 30 hours
  • Business L2 and L3 – 30 hours
  • IT L2 and L3 – 30 hours
  • Construction L2 and L3 – 30 hours
  • Sport L2 and L3 – 30 hours
  • Engineering L2 and L3 – 30 hours

Companies we work with

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