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Bradford College

Assistive Technology Service

Assistive Technology (AT) helps you do things that might be difficult.

What is Assistive Technology?

The phrase ‘Assistive Technology’ (AT) is often used to describe products or tools that can support and assist individuals with disabilities, learning needs, restricted mobility or other impairments to perform functions that might otherwise be difficult or impossible.

The Assistive Technology Service for registered SEND & ALS students operates the provision of loan equipment, software, support and training on various areas of Assistive and Inclusive technologies to support students to access learning and resources.

The Assistive Technology Service makes sure all items are fit for use and train you if needed.

Key areas of software and technology include:

  • Speech to text (dictation)
  • Text to speech (reading) including grammar and research
  • Low vision and blindness solutions (digital magnifiers and software)
  • Organisation of ideas (mind mapping software)
  • Posture and ergonomics
  • Bespoke solutions for specific needs
  • Solutions to meet exam access arrangements
  • Inclusive Technologies on operating systems and software (MACOS and Windows)
  • Horizon scanning to ensure software remains in line with developments and needs

Loan equipment and support

If you have additional support needs, we can loan you items in agreement with your support tutor or wellbeing advisor.

Items include:

  • Exam Reading Pens / Reading pens with built in dictionaries, recording and grammar
  • Voice Recorders including ones with transcription features
  • Laptops of different specifications, weights and sizes
  • Tablet (touch-screen) devices
  • Ergonomic and adapted peripherals including a range of keyboards and mice
  • Braille Devices
  • Digital Magnification
  • Horizon scanning to ensure equipment remains in line with developments and needs

Learning support area

Come to the learning support area on the third floor of the David Hockney Building to meet your tutors.

You can also access the PCs and Macs that have a range of specialist software, such as Jaws, Text Help, Mind View, Dragon, Inspiration, Zoom Text, and Quick Scan.

Inclusive Technology & Accessbility

What is Inclusive Technology?

Inclusive technology is the term used to describe software available to everyone that is not specialist.

Both Microsoft and Apple offer a wide range of accessibility functionality features so that no one is limited by the technology they use.

Microsoft Accessbility

See Microsoft’s pages for resources on accessibility features across apple devices.

Apple Accessibility

See Apples Accessibility pages for resources on accessibility features across apple devices.