Work Experience and Industry Placements

Work Experience is a period of voluntary work in a sector a student is interested in pursuing after qualifying from college.  

The aim of a work placement is to get hands-on experience allowing a student to apply their classroom knowledge practically in the workplace.

  • The Work Placements Team engage with over 1500 local business and companies 
  • 93% of learners rated their satisfaction of work experience as good or above 
  • Learners rated the Work Experience Team’s response to Covid-19 at 4.12 out of 5 stars 
  • 99% of placement opportunities in college were organised by the work experience department 
  • 91% of L2 and L3 students completed or were scheduled to complete work experience in 2019-2020. 

“I believe work placement is extremely crucial because students get the opportunity to gain skills specifically to their subject as well as the employability skills required for work. Also, work placements look good on your CV which can increase your chances of being employed. Plus, you get a chance to explore different career areas as well.”

 Mohammed H F, UPS Student 
The Royal Navy visited UPS students as part of their work experience, demonstrating the necessary skills required to pursue a career in the British Military.

“Bradford College has a strong professional and vocational focus to provide its students with employment opportunities and prepare them for the working world. It boasts fantastic facilities and knowledgeable, passionate and industry-experienced staff who inspire and motivate their learners.  


The Work Experience Department manages Work Experience and Industry Placements for all students on all Level 2 and Level 3 Programmes of Study. The intent of this department is to ensure all eligible students have the opportunity to attend and complete an external work placement in their chosen vocational sector to develop their academic, technical and employability skills.”

Nick Scaife, Head of Department for Work Experience and Industry Placements

“A fantastic visit to an amazing college, The Royal Navy Recruit and Attract Team loved the vibe given off by the staff and students all around, such a pleasant atmosphere to be in and we all had a real laugh. The staff are excellent and even took part in the tasks we arranged, we are really happy to have had the opportunity to engage with Bradford College students and can’t wait to come back. A big thumbs up from the Royal Navy to see such a diverse group of students working together as a team, formulating a plan and executing the task in true military fashion whilst having a giggle.”

Chief Petty Officer Brandon.

Dependant on your course, you may be required to complete a Study Placement or Industry Placement.

The Study programme consists of students completing one week of voluntary work a in a sector they are interested in pursuing after college. Some students are required to up to 385 hours dependant on their course such as Early Years and Health and Social Care.

“During gaining my Level 2 & 3 Early years qualification at Bradford college I have had three years working experience working at a school setting and at a private day nursery. I found that having the opportunities to gain experience by working in the settings have helped me become more confident and gain efficient skills and knowledge I need to support my role with being an early years educator. By having the opportunity to attend a school or day nursery setting alongside going to college to gain the qualifications is a good way for young adults to become familiar with what they like and want to do with their future. It allows the students to have the ability to work in a setting to see whether they are suitable within that job sector and whether they enjoy and like to develop their skills to become more efficient at supporting their role. Therefore, I think by Bradford college giving the students work experience settings and hours to complete during gaining their qualifications is good and an efficient way of allowing the students to progress and become confident at what they want to do.” 

Katie F, Health and Social Care Student 

The Industry Placement programme gives genuine and meaningful “on the job” training for a minimum of 45 days (315 hours) within the academic year, where a range of experiences can take place, such as: time keeping, commuting and interacting with colleagues as well as learning new skills from employees who have the knowledge and experience to pass to students

A placement allows you to: 

·         Develop soft skills such as teamwork and communication 

·         Gain confidence 

·         Develop a future career plan and clarify career goals 

·         Apply course material to the working world 

·         Widen knowledge of future career opportunities  

·         Develop your CV and/or UCAS 

·         Determine whether (or not!) the career is for you 

·         Make a good impression on a potential future employer 

·         Apply your knowledge and skills in a work setting 

·         Increase skills and competencies which are highly sought after by employers   

·         Give an insight into the way organisations operate and the challenges they face   

·         Help you to understand a particular job or industry  

If you are not sure what type of placement you are interested in, you can speak to the Careers team.

L2 Early Years – 250 hours 

L3 Year 1 Early Years – 65 days/385 hours  

L3 Year 2 Early Years – 68 days/385 hours 

L2 Health and Social Care – 200 hours  

L3 Year 1 Health and Social Care – 75 hours 

L3 Year 2 Health and Social Care – 200 hours  

Motor Vehicle L2 – 30 hours 

Motor Vehicle L2 Fast Track – 30 hours 

Motor Vehicle L3 – 30 hours 

Hairdressing L2 – 30 hours 

Hairdressing L3 – 30 hours 

UPS L2 and L3 – 30 hours 

Applied Science – 30 hours  

Travel and Tourism L2 and L3 – 30 hours  

Hospitality and Catering L2 and L3 – 30 hours  

L2 Dental Care – 30 hours  

Business L2 and L3 – 30 hours 

IT L2 and L3 – 30 hours  

Construction L2 and L3 – 30 hours 

Sport L2 and L3 – 30 hours  

Engineering L2 and L3 – 30 hours  

We are now working paperless! With our new system Navigate being introduced. Students will receive training on how to use the online system to input their evidence during and after placement. Click here to learn more.

We work with a large variety of placement providers both regionally and nationally.

‘’West Yorkshire Police believe in investing and engaging with  the young people of West Yorkshire. As part of this commitment, we were had an excellent opportunity to speak to student at Bradford College. To discuss what they though about the police, their experiences, their misconceptions or their concerns. We found this rewarding and it allows us to engage at with a number of young people from across all subjects.  This gave us the opportunity  to discuss and outline different Apprenticeships we offer at West Yorkshire Police. The students have been enthusiastic, pleasant but most importantly were actively engaging with us. The staff were/are very  supportive and the communication from the college was excellent. If you are an employer, I would highly recommend giving work placements to Bradford College students because they are keen to learn more!’’ 

PC 4867 Mudasser Iqbal, Positive Action Ambassador (Bradford) 

“Work experience provides an invaluable insight into the world of work and your chosen career or sector. It also enables you to make informed choices if you are undecided about which career path to choose. In addition to these benefits, having one or more work experience placement on your CV can demonstrate to any prospective employer that you are a motivated individual who is committed to your own development and who has a genuine interest in that area of work. These are all qualities that can help you stand out from other candidates.”

Lizzy Mills, Crown Prosecution Service 

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