Part-time technical and vocational qualifications for KS4 students

Bradford College is pleased to offer school students the option to access technical and vocational courses at Key Stage 4 (KS4). We aim to raise standards across the district, both in schools and colleges, and to improve access and routes into employment.

Offering this wider range of courses at KS4 will contribute to your school’s accountability measures. We can help provide courses you may struggle to offer due to specialist facility shortage, skill shortages or budget constraints.

Read our guide to find out more.


The courses available will be clustered into an employment ‘pathway’, showing students their routes for potential employment in an easily identifiable way. Bradford College will offer the following clusters to schools:

  • Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Sports Science
  • Health – Science and Care
  • Business and Finance
  • Creative and Digital Industries
  • Construction and Infrastructure

We offer a full range of GCSE courses from all accrediting boards, supporting your school curriculum. Bradford College can support teaching and learning in shortage subjects, or simply run courses to fit demand in your school.

Additional activities

Participants would also be able to take additional activities designed to support the development of career ambitions. For example:

  • Students would be offered access to the Bradford College Plus Scheme.
  • The scheme will ensure students leave college with more than just qualifications; it will help them prepare for continuing education, employment, life and citizenship.
  • Workshops and seminars involving employers around activities such as designing computer games, STEM careers for women and visits to workplaces.
  • Online courses in computer programming, design & preparation for employment.


For participating students with the required exam results, there would be a guarantee of an offer for progression onto a suitable Level 2 or 3 programme at Bradford College. This would lead on to a guaranteed offer of progression to a Higher Education programme, either a degree/foundation degree course or a Higher Level Degree or Apprenticeship.


Each course could be delivered partly at school and partly at College, depending on College staffing input required and the need for specialist resources. An advantage of courses at Bradford College is access to high quality facilities  which schools may not have.

Many schools choose to allow students to make their own way to or from college as a way of helping familiarise students with work and college life. We will offer full orientation to aid this, as well as events for parents/carers to ensure confidence in travelling to College.


The cost for these activities will be applied on a case-by-case basis, depending on the delivery model (staffing breakdown/responsibilities etc.). The cost will reflect the actual cost for Bradford College to deliver the programme. This will be calculated pro- rata, on the funded amount the host school / institution receives. Schools can choose to send staff to supervise the provision, ensuring that the provision matches the independence and needs of the student(s).

For National Collaborative Outreach Programme (NCOP) schools, some costs and activities could qualify for NCOP funding.


The College will work with the school to schedule lessons, so the host school can schedule lessons accordingly. Typically, a student will spend a full day a week at College.

Employer-led projects

Each course would involve an employer-led project, with certification and endorsement by employers upon completion. The College will use its extensive employer links to ensure this element of courses works well for pupils – engaging them in meaningful and motivational activities. Employers benefit in terms of generating interest in their employment sector, and potential future recruits.

Designing the provision in partnership

We recognise that sending pupils to college in year 10 can be a daunting prospect for parents, students and schools. We are pleased to offer bespoke transition arrangements for schools, including:

  • Assisting with pupil selection of appropriate pathways – supplying leaflets and literature
  • Taster sessions at any stage of the process
  • Attendance at options events
  • Attendance at college events
  • Interviewing of students
  • Orientation events
  • Enrolment events
  • Pre-college parent evenings (at college) 
  • Transport guidance
  • Keeping in touch sessions
  • Taster sessions
  • Marketing materials – design and personalisation for your school.


Whatever your reporting cycle in school, we will mirror this. You will have access to a dedicated system, with progress and attendance data ‘live’ for every student, and alerts to your systems as though the pupil was in your classroom.

Contact us

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Call: Anthony Smith on 07841348192

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