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Marc Gillham


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Marc Gillham joined Bradford College as Vice Principal for Data and Funding in October 2021.

After graduating from the University of Liverpool with a History degree in 2002, he worked as a temp supporting enrolments at New College Nottingham. This was his first glimpse into working in further education, and he asked to work there every summer.

Marc went on to a permanent role, supporting the college behind the scenes as a System Support Administrator before progressing to Funding and Audit Supervisor.

He moved on to Moulton College, Northamptonshire, in 2009, where he was Management Information System (MIS) Manager.

In June 2015, Marc became Director of Funding and Data at Milton Keynes College, a role in which he was a senior leadership team member holding the whole of the student journey, including IT, admissions and enrolments within his remit.

Having moved to Bradford College, Marc shares the College’s values and is passionate about its mission to to transform student lives. As well as supporting students, Marc wants to use his role to have a positive impact on the entire college community. He said: “Data isn’t just about spreadsheets and graphs but having important information that can make a difference around all areas of the organisation.”


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