The profile picture for Jevgenija Mironova

Jevgenija Mironova

Student Governor


Why did you want to become a student officer?

It will be a great opportunity to meet new students and work on exciting future improvements at Bradford College. I want to be able to work with other students and get their feedback on the topics that matter to them.

What are you most looking forward to in your role as Education & Welfare Officer HE?

I’m looking forward to attending meetings and supporting students with the challenges they face. 

Who is your greatest inspiration?

My greatest inspiration is my mum. I grew up with four brothers and one sister, my mum worked hard to earn an income but still made time for us all, even attending parents’ evenings in between her 12-hour shift patterns.

What has been your favourite experience so far at Bradford College?

I came to the UK from Latvia in 2009 as a single parent to begin a new life. In 2011 I enrolled at Bradford College to learn English, I then went on to study GCSE Maths, ICT and Science and I am currently in the final year of my BSc Computer & Information Systems degree. My favourite experience so far has been attending all the courses I have enrolled onto; the teachers are always professional and supportive of our development needs.

Jevgenija believes Education is key, yesterday, today, tomorrow!


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