The profile picture for Azim Kidwai

Azim Kidwai

Independent Governor


Azim Kidwai is Chief Executive of Mercy Mission UK, a community development organisation focused on incubating ideas into civil society organisations.

Over the last decade Azim has been able to design, develop and deliver a number of key organisations, and is now working with an experienced banking team, to develop a pioneering endowment platform.

Azim has a special interest in faith-based giving, and is a director of the global zakat body, NZF Worldwide.

Azim works with a high performing team to establish new Zakat agencies internationally, under the NZF brand, supporting governments to improve the effectiveness of their Zakat operations, and enabling UN agencies to build effective social finance strategies.


For more information on Azim Kidwai or Bradford College’s other governors, please email the Clerk to the Corporation.

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