National Census 2021 – still time to take part

Ruth Peterson | April 13, 2021

This year is National Census year.

Census Day was 21 March 2021, but it’s not too late to take part now. 

Bradford College is supporting the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and Census 2021. If you have not yet completed your census form, you can:

  • Complete it online
  • Get help by phone on 0800 587 2021
  • Complete it in person at a local library or one of the support centres in the city. 

The Learning Centre in Centenary Square is also open to support you to complete your survey. 

These FAQs provide more information about the Census and why it is important for you to take part. 

It’s important you fill in your census questionnaire because the information you share affects the life of every single person living in England and Wales. That’s why it’s a legal requirement to take part.

Find out more about the 2021 Census and how Bradford College is supporting you to take part here.

You can also find more details about local support on Bradford Council’s Census 2021 page and on

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