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ESOL Students Host Annual Enterprise Event for Charity

For the sixth year running, ESOL students held an enterprise event to challenge stereotypes about cultural differences. Using their own heritage as inspiration, students ran the event to raise funds for 2 local charities and one in Africa.

Cristina Nicolae, Curriculum Team Leader for ESOL, said:

“In 2015, 16-18 ESOL learners and lecturers organised the first event to challenge cultural stereotypes. The year after, we started raising money for charity. This year, learners chose a local charity, and we are truly amazed by their creative talent. Students created bespoke posters and a newsletter to promote the event. We are all very proud of our learners and their desire to help others”.

ESOL students planned the activities, and every class decided upon a stall that could raise money. Two students, Abdullah Alnuaimi and Wigdan Elagib, created handmade cards for events such as Eid, Mother’s Day, and Easter. 

Wigdan, from Sudan, said:

“ESOL has really helped us; people who don’t know people can come here and learn how to speak English and then you can move onto a course that you want to do. […] it’s very nice to have friends from different countries that we can connect with.”

Abdullah, from Iraq, said:

“It’s nice to have everyone in one place and to meet each other and get to know each other’s cultures. […] It’s very nice to help other people – we have to help each other.”

The enterprise event included stalls selling clothing, henna tattoos, and food stands. The atmosphere was terrific and incorporated traditional music and dance. So far, £500 has been raised from the event, but the students expect more money to be added to the tally soon. Well done to everyone involved!

Published: 30th March 2022



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