What It Is Like To Be A Media Make-up and Special Effects Student

Join our students as they share their experiences of the makeup and special effects studio at Bradford School of Art

It is an exciting time to be part of the makeup and special effects industry. There has been an explosion of creativity within the industry. Our students want to share their amazing journeys so far from our studio hub in the heart of Bradford School of Art.

Please come and join us for this exciting webinar in which our Media Make-up with Special Effects students share their experiences, alongside a Q &A session. You will see students showcasing their skills in the studio and workshop such as: design, collaboration, makeup application, wig work, life casting, sculpting, moulding / prosthetic appliances, and much more.

Alongside tips and advice, sharing success stories and challenges, we hope you wil be inspired by the creativity of degree and foundation degree programmes of study.

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What our students say

“The course has been a fantastic experience for me throughout. The make-up industry is incredibly diverse and there is so much to learn about it. Different areas can require differing skill sets, for example sculpting and moulding to make prosthetics or things like hair setting, wig styling or even wig making. There is an area so suit everyone and this course teaches a broad spectrum of skills to enable students to discover where their strengths are and what they most enjoy so ultimately, they can progress into finding work which suits them. It is an excellent foundation for launching a career in any area within the industry. All the tutors are experienced and knowledgeable about the industry and are incredibly supportive. I have learned so much, far exceeding my expectations, I would highly recommend the course to anyone considering a career in make-up or special effects.”


A member of staff will send you the link to join this live webinar a couple of days prior to the date of the event. Make sure you check all your email folders.

Click here for more information on our BA (Hons) Media Make-up with Special Effects programme.

For enquiries, please email c.lewis@bradfordcollege.ac.uk

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