So You Want To Study Fashion?

Join this webinar for an introduction into methods and approaches within fashion education

Take the next step and join our BA (Hons) Fashion programme at Bradford School of Art

Fashion can be a launchpad to a multitude of necessary skills including creative-thinking, communication, collaboration, and problem solving. This online talk is aimed at anyone who is considering entering the world of fashion education and will include discussions, methods and approaches to studying fashion. Guidance will be given on topics including research, inspiration, and design, as well as cultural and personal influences tips on tools and materials.

Alongside providing tips and advice, we will share success stories and inspiration from our graduates. We will also introduce our course and how to apply.

To reserve your place, please book on Eventbrite. Click here to register.

A member of staff will send you the link to join this online talk a couple of days prior to the day of the event. Please make sure you check all your email folders.

The BA (Hons) Fashion degree is designed to produce highly qualified ’employment ready’ graduates who are able to play leading roles in a wide range of fashion related careers. It provides a broad-based, high quality education in Fashion, encompassing a range of cognitive, creative and subject specific skills, knowledge and understanding, allowing applicants to develop their awareness and understanding of the demands and creative potential of professional practice for employment, enterprise and post graduate study.

“The course was an incredible journey for me, where I learned all the prerequisite skills needed to build and grow my skill set and passion for the industry. Both of which have been paramount in the building of my brand. I couldn’t recommend the course more!” Former graduate Tymoor Gharbo

For more information on our BA (Hons) Fashion Programme , please visit Fashion BA (Hons): Courses at Bradford College: Courses at Bradford College

For further enquiries, please email Fashion Programme Leader

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