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Bradford College

Games Development

Qualification Gained
Pearson Level 2 Games Development
Study Level
Level 2
Course Type
School Leavers
1 year
Start Date
September 2024
Study Mode
David Hockney Building


The games sector is a dynamic, growing and rewarding sector. The UK’s games industries as a whole are worth over £4 billion per year to the UK economy. Working in games development might involve researching audiences and generating new ideas for programmes and products; being involved in the production of media products, for example recording sound, filming and creating assets; working in post-production editing digital footage or creating animated sequences. Job roles can also involve testing and debugging new games. These creative industries are linked by the need to inform, entertain and engage audiences.

  Key Info

Students will develop knowledge of games development in the game industry and will learn to utilise a range of software including 2D and 3D games engines. We have the latest Core i9 state of the art Gaming PC’s and classrooms equipped to host both the games and Esports courses. students will be given an opportunity to attend the Yorkshire Games Festival.

This qualification gives learners the opportunity to develop their technical creative media skills over their course of study, through a process of critical evaluation, practice and review, which are key skills for progression to Higher Education. The qualification also supports learners in becoming confident in taking ownership of and responsibility for their projects.

A Exploring and Developing Creative Media Skills:

  • A1 Skills Development (120 GLH)
  • A2 Creative Media Project (60 GLH)

B Personal Development:

  • B1 Personal Development

As well as GCSE English and GCSE Maths, this course requires 1 other GCSE in preferably an ICT related subject or a Pass grade at level 1 OCR or BTEC.

Assessment for this course will be done through practical and written assessment. Exam assessment is not required for this course. Students will take part in a series of synoptic assessments and project based activities.

Successful completion of this course can lead to progression to Level 3 Games Development, further study or employment in the IT industry.

If you are 16 to 18 years old you won’t have to pay tuition fees.

This is representative of the most common fees scenario, but actual fees can vary depending on a number of factors. Please contact us if you need more guidance.

If you have any questions or require any additional information, please contact [email protected]

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