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Start Date 13/07/2022

Course overview

This short programme will explore the field of cybersecurity, specifically the importance of cybersecurity, data confidentiality, best practices for using the internet and social media safely.  Furthermore, it will look at potential career opportunities in this growing field.  The demand for cybersecurity experts has grown 3 times faster than any other IT job role and training a cybersecurity workforce is a priority of many governments. Cybersecurity applies to any professionals responsible for security and privacy of company or customer systems and this course aims to address that by providing the fundamental foundation knowledge needed by all industry professionals. This is a course that is ideal for Individuals considering the cyber security career.  

What you'll study

Highfield Level 2 Award in IT User Skills (RQF)

  • Highfield Level 2 Award in IT User Skills (RQF)

Entry requirements

Registration with Cisco Academy and use of online material that would support the course delivered over the two days. All material is delivered in person – with opportunity to recap and support online.

Next steps

Other Cybersecurity courses (Cisco) or degree/bootcamp courses.

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