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Key details

Attendance Part-time
Duration 7weeks: One 3 hour session per week
Awarding Body
Start Date 25/10/2021

Course overview

Part-time evening course for adults only 19+

This course will cover a range of areas within the acrylic nail skill base. You will develop an understanding of salon-based health and safety practice and client consultation as well as the application, removal and care of both powder and acrylic nails. This course serves as a great introduction to the world of nail enhancements.

What you'll study

Apply and maintain nail enhancements

H&S in a salon environment

  • Apply and maintain nail enhancements

    H&S in a salon environment


Your practical skills will be assessed throughout the duration of the course.

Entry requirements

There are no formal entry requirements for this course however, applicants will need to display a reasonable standard of listening, communication and dexterity skills. Applicants will be expected to provide their own acrylic nail kit and salon appropriate clothing.L1/2 beauty therapy (desirable)

Next steps

On completion, students would be encouraged to progress onto higher-level industry courses.

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Tuition fees

Course fees: £100

You will be required to purchase an acrylic nail kit.

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