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Bradford College

Inter-Library Loans

You can ask for items from the British Library or other libraries if we don’t have a copy.

We use the Inter-Library Loans (ILL) service to find the item you want.

You can request a book or journal article by filling out a form on the Learning Resources section of Moodle.


ItemCharge per item for first 10 requestsCharge per item for further requests
Journal article£2£12
Book loan£2£15
Locating another library if the item is not available from the British LibraryFree£6.50 + the cost of supplying the item

More information

Yes, as long as it relates to a course you are studying or teaching at Bradford College.

You’ll need to return any overdue books and pay any fines before you can make a request.

You can have up to five requests at any one time.

You can ask for a book or photocopy of a journal article that you can’t get from the Bradford College Library Service.

If you want two or more articles from the same issue of a journal, you should request the whole issue using the Book Request form.

See the table above.

There is a £2.00 charge to request a book or a journal article.

If you have previously received 10 Inter-library Loans within an academic year, you will need to pay an extra £13 for a book request or £10 for a journal article.
The charge will be added to your library account once the request has been successful.

If after your first 10 requests your requested item is not available from the British Library, there will be an additional £4.50 charge to find the book from another library. We will ask your permission before doing this.

If you do not collect an item, and it is one of your first 10 requests, Bradford College Library Services will charge you an additional £13.00 to cover processing charges.

Renewing a borrowed book will cost £5.

All charges will be added to your library account.

You can see how much money you currently owe the library by logging in to My Account on the Library Catalogue and then clicking on the Finance tab. You can pay any money you owe the library at any of our self-service machines.

Bradford College Library uses this charging structure because we are charged for every request – even those that are not successful – which can make the service expensive to operate.
This structure is intended to allow you to order a reasonable amount of Inter-Library Loans throughout the year at minimal cost with the Library Service subsidising the rest of the fee. It is intended to make sure only essential items are requested.

Bradford College Library Service reserves the right to change these prices without prior notice to reflect changes in the cost of running the service.

We usually borrow items from the British Library.

Search their library catalogue using the Remote Supply option from the dropdown menu next to the Search button.

British Library Catalogue

If the British Library does not have the item you are looking please submit the request anyway. We may be able to borrow it from another library though it might take longer for it to arrive.

Fill in the Book Request form on the Inter-Library Loan course in the Learning Resources section of Moodle. You will have to self-enrol to access this course.

We will check it then either order the item or ask you for more information by emailing your College email address.

Books usually arrive within two working weeks.

This isn’t guaranteed though.

You need to make sure you’ve allowed enough time to get the book and use it.

Think about when your work is due – will you have time to read the book when it arrives?

We will email your College email address as soon as it arrives.

You can also check the Inter-Library Loans tab on your library account.

Please check your email or account regularly as we charge a fee if you don’t collect the book.

Collect it from the Library Enquiry point on the second floor.

The standard loan period for an Inter-library Loan is four weeks from when it arrives at Bradford College Library.

You will be charged a fine of 40p for every day it is late. If it is more than a week overdue you will be blocked from borrowing any further items from the library or renewing any items you already have taken out.

If you lose the borrowed book or it is very overdue, the book will be declared lost and you will be expected to replace it. This cost could include an administration fee that would be non-refundable if the book is not returned. This can result in charges of over £180.

Return it to the Library Enquiry point on the Second Floor.

Yes. We recommend requesting a renewal at least two days before the due date so we can contact the book’s supplier.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to renew your loan though, as they’re not our books.

It costs £5 to renew a book.

Fill in the Journal Request form on the Inter-Library Loan course in the Learning Resources section of Moodle. You will have to self-enrol to access this course.

We will check it then either order the item or ask you for more information by emailing your College email address.

You are only allowed one journal article from any single issue of a journal.

If you want more than one article from a single issue, you will need to request the entire issue using the book request form.

You will not be able to take the journal home with you will only be able to consult it in the David Hockney Library.

It will usually arrive at your home address within one working week, but this isn’t guaranteed.

Leave enough time for the article to be photocopied and posted to you.

Think about when your work is due – have you got enough time to read the article once it arrives?

Teaching staff can request one using the Copyright Fee Paid service.

We will get a copy of the article, scan it, and put it in a Moodle course so your students can see it.

Please contact the Academic Liaison Librarian for your subject area for more details.

Request it yourself directly from the British Library using the EThOS website.

If it’s already available for download there will be no charge and it will be emailed the same day.

If it hasn’t yet been scanned, the cost will vary per item depending on which institution it comes from. It will also take about a month.