A message for graduands

Congratulations to all our graduands!

Today is a very special one for you and you should enjoy the limelight. Your sense of achievement should be immense. It is also a moment in which you can look in two directions.

First, you should reflect, with justifiable pride, on your journey to this point. Think of what you anticipated and the challenges that may have daunted you. You overcame them through your own hard work and resilience, as well as the support of family, friends and fellow students.

Alongside you were the staff of the College, providing a range of contributions, and giving you the benefit of their commitment and experience. Your individual pride is matched by the sense of institutional pride, as the College sees another cohort of graduates progress. It is what this College has been doing consistently since its formation: producing graduates who combine knowledge, creativity and innovation, and who go into the wider world and make a difference.

In order to develop and support its students appropriately, the College is changing continuously. From its origins in the early nineteenth century, Bradford College has thrived by being responsive. It is the largest provider of Higher Education in the colleges sector, providing a wide range of courses and remains true to its founding principles of uniqueness, embracing change and providing an education geared to employability.

And just as you have challenges, so too the College. We bear funding cuts while being able to reinvest in your learning, and we are proud to add the David Hockney Building and the Advanced Technology Centre to the Bradford skyline, symbols of aspiration and achievement.

Second, you should look forward, and anticipate and expect new learning opportunities, enabling you to develop as a person and promote your career. And as you look forward, so too the College, with a determination to be one of the new wave of Institutes of Technology and ensuring that it provides Bradford with opportunity and access to creative vocational education of the highest standard.

As a graduate of Bradford College, you will join automatically our Alumni Association, enabling you to keep in touch – and keep us in touch with your further progress.

Please read this Graduation website, which will enable you and your guests to prepare for an outstanding day.