Arrival at St George's Hall auditorium

Before the ceremony starts, students will be directed to their seats by Bradford College staff. It is important that you sit on the seat that bears your name and number and do not sit in a seat which is not yours, even if it is empty. Once you have taken your place please remain in your seat: if you don’t, we may think you are absent and you will not be presented for an award. Your guests will be seated in allocated areas in the auditorium.

Please ensure that your mobile phone is in silent mode or turned off during the ceremony so you don’t disrupt the proceedings.

Platform Party

Once the ceremony starts, students and guests are asked to remain seated and stay until the end of the ceremony. This is in respect to other graduates who have yet to receive their awards.

At the appropriate time your course group will be asked to stand by a steward and directed to process to the side of the stage. You will be directed when to go up onto the stage via a staircase by a steward, as your name is read out. You will be given the award with a handshake, receive your certificate, cross the platform and descend then return to the appropriate seating area. If you do not wish to shake hands when you are conferred with your award, please carry your graduation brochure with you to the stage or place your right hand across your chest to your right shoulder to signal this.

If you have mobility or other disability problems please let us know before the day, you will be prompted as a reminder as part of the registration process. Should you need it, we will arrange appropriate seating.

When you leave the stage you will not end up in the same seat, so please ensure that you leave all personal belongings with your guests.