Arrival at the Bradford Hotel

The entrance for the Bradford Hotel will be your first port of call, where you will be met by staff from Bradford College who will make you and your family welcome. There will be a staffed information desk to help with any enquiries on the day.

How to get there

The hotel is located at Hall Ings, Bradford BD1 5SH.

What you need to do

You will first need to register your arrival and complete the DLHE survey form before you will be given your student ticket. Your guests should wait in the foyer area until after this has been completed. You will then move to the photography and robing room where you will be fitted with your gown, cap and award hood. Your guests are not allowed into the robing area of the hall but are more than welcome to join you for your official photograph in the photography section.


After you have completed this, you can return with your guests in the foyer area until it is time to move to the main building and enter the auditorium for your ceremony.

We recommend that you leave personal belongings such as bags and handbags with your guests as these will only get in your way during the award ceremony. They cannot be left on a seat while you receive your award as you won’t return to the same seat.

This would be a good time to turn your mobile phone to silent mode so you don’t disturb the ceremony.

The registration and gowning service will close half an hour before your ceremony starts. Please allow sufficient time and arrive as soon as you can.