Key things to do before Graduation

Register before the end of October

Even if you will be unable to attend your Graduation ceremony, you must still register so that your degree can be awarded in absentia and you can then choose whether to collect it in person from College or have it sent to you.

Register here.

Order your academic dress before the end of October

You must wear the appropriate academic dress for the academic award you are to receive in order to be able to attend your Graduation ceremony. You can only order your gown, cap and hood from our official partner William Northam.

Make travel arrangements to ensure you arrive two hours before the start of your ceremony

We ask you to arrive at the venue two hours before your ceremony to ensure that you will have time to register your and your guests' arrival, be fitted for your gown and to take photographs. You will then be asked to take your seats 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony.

Key dates before Graduation

14 August 2019Registration opens for students whose awards were confirmed at the July 2019, or earlier, exam boards
23 October 2019Registration opens for students, whose awards were confirmed at the September 2019 exam boards
13 November 2019Registration closes




 Information, dates, times are subject to change, please check back regularly for updates.